Catch us (Plastique Kinetic Worms) at Suntec City, Entertainment Atrium (outside Carrefour) this weekend.

Atman will be performing on Sat 30 June 2001 at 2.45pm.
Bring out the "V" (Volunteer) in You!
VISIT The Wonderful World of Volunteers
The Singapore 21 Fair on Active Citizens
Sat 30 June & 1 July  10am - 9pm
Suntec City, Entertainment Atrium (outside Carrefour)

the Singapore 21 Fair on Active Citizens
A volunteer balloonist, a volunteer storyteller, a volunteer golf instructor
and even a volunteer dog handler. Discover the vast volunteer opportunities
for you at the fair. There is something for everyone. Talk to volunteers who
give of their time in areas like the arts, sports, community, environment,
social service.and who are loving it. Experience the work that they do.
Discover the joy that comes from volunteering. And see how the fair can
bring out the volunteer in you.

Here are just some of the fun and exciting things we have in store for you.

discover how...
* Installation art is so easy to understand

Organised by the National Volunteer Centre

In support of Suntec City MAll, International Year of Volunteers, Ministry of Community Development and Sports
In partnership with The People's Association and the nine community Development Councils