Recent Works - Jason Lim

The Substation Gallery

Opening 8th January, 2002, 7 PM

exhibition continues till 16th January, 2002

Gallery hours : 11 AM - 9 PM

Working with clay involves the process of transforming matter into things.
Occasionally, I would repetitively make shapes and gather found/ready made
materials as structures for them. Other times, I make part and bits and pieces.
Decisions are made in a way like prayers and mantras are used and everyday
gestures are repeated. As a group, they can be interchanged or be built upon.
The pieces are assembled in different ways each time they are displayed.
As my ideas are constantly shifting during and after the work process, the
identity of things, therefore, is also constantly changed, making layers of
meanings. I find it important to capture visual tendencies that could influence
and stimulate the viewer's perception and imagination. Abstract ideas provide
more visual questions than answers. Some pieces appear playful and others
meditative; the clay picks up the emotions and the process of working
transforms them.
this series explores relationships between meaning and identity, the sensual
and cerebral, organic and geometry, the weightless and solid and male and

Jason Lim 2002