Rapport is an exhibition exploring notions of symmetry and exchange, identity and culture.

By placing artworks from Singapore and Australian artists side-by-side, Rapport seeks to set up a critical dialogue between the practices that emerge from two different environments.

Rapport is co-curated by Tay Swee Lin, Singapore Art Museum, and Natalie King, Monash Gallery - a collaboration which has encouraged shared decision-making and a synthesis of ideas and thoughts. Exhibited in both Singapore and Australia, Rapport is a cultural project marking a new partnership between international institutions.

The exhibition consists predominantly of art works by younger artists who are working across media including photography, infla-tables and sculpture. The resulting instal-lations negotiate personal issues such as childhood, coupling and spirituality that are pertinent to each artist's own cultural background.

Rapport was at the Singapore Art Museum from 11 June to 21 July, is at the Monash Gallery from 3 September to 12 October, the Canberra School of Art Gallery from 18 April to 18 May 1997, and Brisbane's Institute of Modern Art in June 1997.