Natalie King, Monash University Art Gallery, and Tay Swee Lin, Singapore Art Museum, are co-curators of the Rapport: Eight Artists from Singapore and Australia exhibition. 18 April - 25 May, Canberra School of Art (CSA). Rapport explores notions of symmetry and exchange, identity and culture, by exhibiting the work of young Australian and Singaporean mixed media artists side by side.

The artists are: Baet Yeok Kuan, Amanda Heng, Salleh Japar, Matthew Ngui, Hany Armanious, Carolyn Eskdale, Christopher Langton and Nicola Loder. Installation artists Carolyn Eskdale and Baet Yeok Kuan and Natalie King will visit the CSA Gallery to open the exhibition. Enquiries phone: 06 249 5810.