Pulau ubin ART CAMPING

--- Closing schedule!! 31st DEC 2001

TURN right after stepping off the jetty. GO pass the
police Post through the gate and you will arrive @ ART

Guided tour times are : 1100, 1300 & 1500

Tour schedule!:
Location 01: Jetty Pulau Ubin Jetty
‘5 mins of BAD Sound, Bad Space, and Bad Feeling’,
Benjamin Phuah.

Location 02: Murai Hut
‘Your belongings is in good hands’, Zulkifle Mahmod.
Desc: This work explores and investigates the idea of
cultural identity and nostalgic memories in a place
and space which is similar to the childhood days of
the artist.

Location 03: Pagoda in front of ART BASE CAMP
‘bubble bubble bubble O God, Jews, Buddha, Allah,
please help me’,Jeremy Hiah
Desc: A Fishing project involving audience

Location 04: ART BASE CAMP
This is the site where the artists live and work from
during their 5 days on the island. The space is turned
into an artists studio cum art gallery. There are
various sketches, writings, paintings and sculptures

‘drift wood’, George Chua
Desc: George will talk about his 2 hour performance
done on the 30th Dec, utilising a pair of clogs that
was a common footwear during the kampong days. He will
also invite the audience to try out the footwear for

‘Have a nice day.’, Sabine Jelinek
Desc: A film documentary on one habitant about her
life situation and about difficulties she faces living
in Pulau Ubin. (the film was originally shot on Super
8-film, transferred to DV and edited.)


11pm – 1pm:
Location: Bicycle Shop
‘Sell-la-vie’, Kai
desc: A sign-board saying, ‘What’s HOT in Ubin?’ will
be put up, Kai will interview visitors about why they
come to Pulau Ubin.

1pm – 3pm:
Location: STAGE & designated Hut

‘Within you, without you’, Agnes
This work invites tourists & visitors to get refreshed
by serving free coconut drink from the husk and then
exchange thoughts with them regarding their visits to
the island. They will also be invited to see an
installation of coconut husks after that.

closing of ART CAMP.
There will be performances by Iwan Wijono, George Chua
and the Sunseekers.
Iwan Wijono will perform ‘The Rootless Man’. Also
impromptu & happenings.