Pulau Ubin Island Art Project


Organised by The Artists Village

27-31 Dec 2001


Pulau Ubin is the last kampung in Singapore. During

these 5 days, invited artists, both local and foreign,

will live together and make artworks on the island.

The artworks, performances and live music will be

located around the island, and are accessible for

public viewing throughout the period of 5 days.

Information signboards will be posted on the jetty and

around the island to facilitate your 'hunt' for art.

There will be performances and live music on the

opening and the closing days (27 & 31 Dec) at 1900hrs.

Free guided tours will be conducted on 31 Dec at

1100hrs, 1300hrs and 1500hrs. Usual ferry fare to the

island applies. Ferry services run from 0700hrs to


Participating artists include George Chua, Dean

Ciming, Iwan Wijono, Sabine Jelinek, Benjamin Puah,

Dennis Tan, Zulkifle Mahmod, The Sunseekers and

members of The Artists Village.

Supported and sponsored by: NAC, Lee Foundation, LTA

and NPB.



Project Hotline: 9238-6609


PO Box 276 Bras Basah Post Office S(911810)