Public Art Library
@ Singapore Art Museum Courtyard

Source: Verbatim from the Artists' Village site

The Public Art Library is a follow-up and development from the TAV project, B.E.A.U.T.Y., which was presented at Utterly Art Gallery in 2002. B.E.A.U.T.Y. was a project cum exhibition to find a good home for challenging artworks. These were two- and three-dimensional art pieces that the artists may never have dared to exhibit before for various reasons.

Given overwhelming public response to B.E.A.U.T.Y., Singapore Art Museum (SAM) approached TAV to develop a similar project that promotes art appreciation amongst the general public and art collectors.

The Public Art Library functions like any public library. The collection on loan consists of multi-disciplinary works and works in various media. These artworks are contributed by TAV members and other local and international artists of different practices.

The aim of the Public Art Library is to benefit and gain a wider platform and for TAV to seek a more central and regular feature at SAM going beyond challenging works.
Artworks submitted for the Public Art Library's collection will gain wider recognition in the local art scene for the participating artists. It will provide better exposure for the audience to know the artists as well as their works and art practice. Archived works in Public Art Library's collection will offer a wide variety of medium/content/artists which will cater to a wider spectrum of audience. This will be interesting for Public Art Library as it will have a growing and ever-changing collection.

The Public Art Library will encourage art appreciation amongst its audiences where they are able to take the artworks on loan home for a certain period of time for their viewing pleasure. This exercise encourages the audience or members to be 'art-custodians'.

The Public Art Library is located in an accessible venue, which is a public space in the central area of Singapore. This project also aims to support and promote the local arts scene and helps to cultivate art culture and encourage local art appreciation.

Participating Artists
Jeremy Hiah
Kai Lam
Woon Tien Wei
Lina Adam
Jennifer Teo
Juliana Yasin
Claire Lim
Leo Ong
Chng Seok Tin
Rizman Putra
Agnes Yit
Wilkie Tan
Lee Mei Ling
Nuradiah Ali
Harezam Abdul Rahman
Cheong Kah Kit
Ong Ghim Chuan
Edwin Lim
Angie Seah
Shin Tohana
Alan Oei
Ng Joon Kiat
Yeo Shih Yun
Colin Sai
Wang Ruo Bin
Danger Museum collection

Public Art Library Membership
From 31st May - 30th June 2003, a new member will pay a launch rate membership fee of $30 for 1 year. After 30th June 2003, the membership fee will be $50/year. Applicants must submit 2 passport-size photos. New members will receive a Public Art Library membership card, which is to be used to borrow the Artwork. This card and its privileges are non-transferable.
Members can reserve and renew artworks. Artworks are renewable only once, if it is not reserved by another member. All collections and payments for reserved items will be stated on a notification slip. The reservation fee will still be charged for any uncollected artwork/uninformed cancellation of reservation. Failure to comply may result in membership card rights being revoked. There will be charges for late returns of artworks as well as loss of and damage to artworks. A 'How to care for and handle works - Dos and Don'ts' leaflet will be given to members when they borrow the artworks.

Launch rate membership fee (31st May - 30th June 2003) $30
Replacement of lost card $10
Renewal of artwork $5
Reservation of artwork $10
Late returns $20 per week
Loss of artwork Stated amount
Damage of artwork Stated amount

The Public Art Library will offer members of the public the opportunity to meet and hang out with artists, and join an on-the-spot workshop for a token fee of $10 (including materials and instruction). This fee collected from the workshop will be paid to the library and artists conducting the workshop.
Library Hours
The library will start to operate on the 31st of May 2003 and 30th of June 2003, and following that 1st & 3rd weekend of every month from 11am till 4pm in the courtyard of Singapore Art Museum. Loan period for artworks will be 1-2 months.

More info
Please email or contact the Public Art Library Organizing Committee:
Jeremy Hiah (Tel: 9787 7874)
Claire Lim (Tel: 9876 0866)
Juliana Yasin (Tel: 9876 9102)
Leo Ong (Tel: 9851 4053)