PSi #10 SINGAPORE 2004



PSi is a professional association founded in 1997 to promote communication and exchange between scholars and practitioners working in the field of performance. The organisation has staged numerous international conference and festival gatherings that have moved between the discourse and practice of performance. PSi conferences have been held in the United States, Wales, and Germany. PSi #10 took place in Singapore in 2004.



DAY 0: MONDAY 14 JUNE 2004






The Substation, 45 Armenian Street

Pre Registration


The Fat Frog Bar, The Substation

Informal Drinks

















Coffee & Tea


Opening & Main Session 1



Perform: State: Translate

Opening film excerpt by Ho Tzu Nyen, Visual Artist, Singapore


Lee Weng Choy, The Substation, Singapore (moderator)

Jennifer Lindsay, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore

Goenawan Mohamad, Writer, Indonesia





Meeting of PSi Committee on Undergraduate Performance Studies

Chair: John Bell


Book Launch

focas 5: Second Front – Interrogating Art, Religiosity and Violence


Main Session 2



States of Theory — G/lo/b/cal Densities?

Sanjay Krishnan, University of Pennsylvania (moderator)

Jon McKenzie, Dartmouth College

Trinh T. Minh-ha, University of California, Berkeley

Yao Souchou, University of Sydney


Tea Break



Parallel Panel Session 1



1.1 Subsequent Performances

Mika Eglinton

University of Tokyo

Constructing and Consuming Hamlet

Huang Yin-Ying

National Taiwan University

The Writing Body: Reading Performance Works Based on Literature in Contemporary Taiwan.

Clarissa Oon

Writer, Singapore

The Eunuch’s descendants

Marianne König Setiadi

Theatre Anthropologist, Switzerland/Indonesia

“It needs all things to make a world”: An appreciation of Mbah Roedjito


1.2 In Terra Gators: Looking at the Performance Grounds Walked (Crawled?) Upon

Sunetra Fernando

University of Malaya

Interrogating the Rhythm in Bronze Project

Mohd Anis Md Nor

University of Malaya

When the Arts Interrogate State: The Story of Zapin Revival in Johor

Rohaizad Suaidi

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Performance of Race: A State University Under Interrogation

Susan Philip

Australian National University/University of Malaya

Hybridity as an Interrogation of Authoritative Discourse in Huzir Sulaiman’s Eight Plays.

Charlene Rajendran (moderator)

Nanyang Technological University


1.3 States of Politics and Performance: Considering Theatre between Nation and Globality

Peter Eckersall

University of Melbourne

21st century enjoyment plaza: theatre and Mori’s world

Satoh Makoto

Theatre artist, Japan

Theatre and/as political work

Edward Sheer

University of New South Wales

Karaoke Charisma: On Bad Actors and Other Political Performances.

Tadashi Uchino

University of Tokyo

Globality's Children: Thinking through the “Children’s” Body as a Strategy of Flatness in Performance.


1.4 Performing Gay Identities

Jonathan Bollen

University of New England

Intercorporeal Choreographies: Gay Performance Practices and the Interstices of Desire

Ivy Chang

National Chiao Tung University

Queering Glocally: The Camp Aesthetics and Politics in Taiwan’s Queer Theatre

Chia-Hsin Chou

Trinity College, Dublin

Queering Barthes Unbinding Sexuality: The Politics and Social Means of Mary Mullen

Frederick Corey

Arizona State University

Chance in Our Lives

Benny Lim

The Fun Stage, Singapore

Indifferent, or Strictly Oblivious?


1.5 Pedagogy & Performance Studies

John Anderson

Emerson College

The Local Politics of Performance Studies at Emerson College:  An Institutional Genealogy

John Bell

Emerson College

Ubiquitous & Invisible: Performance Studies in Undergraduate Teaching.

Charles Garoian

Penn State University

The Embodied Pedagogy of Performance Art

Yvonne Gaudelius

Penn State University

The Embodied Pedagogy of Performance Art


1.6 Asian Performance  Aesthetics and Actions: Contemporary Interpretations

Paula Murray Cole, Ithaca College and East Coast Artists and Rachel Bowditch, East Coast Artists and New York University

Lecture Demonstration of the Rasaboxes: Training the actor as athlete of the emotions

Sangeeta Isvaran

Dancer and Activist, India

Rasa – a life-skill

Him Sophy

Composer, Cambodia

Recognizing the problem of Sound in Traditional Cambodian Music.

Martin Welton (moderator)

Queen Mary, University of London




Film Screening


Directed and produced by: Trinh Minh-ha & Jean-Paul Bourdier


Interest Groups

Interest Group Details


IG1 - Documenting Performance

Facilitated by: Gay McAuley, University of Sydney


IG2 - Motion Sickness Lab


Facilitated by: Tang Fu Kuen, Writer and dramaturg (Singapore)


IG3 - Performance and the Age of Terrorism

Facilitated by: John Bell, Emerson College


IG4 - Workshop on the Rasaboxes: Training the actor as athelete of the emotions

Facilitated by: Rachel Bowditch, New York University/East Coast Artists (US)

Paula Murray Cole, Ithaca College / East Coast Artists (US)


IG5 - Developing Women’s Performance Networks

Facilitated by: Audrey Wong and Magdalena Singapore


IG6 - Festival Cultures

Facilitated by: Margaret Werry, University of Minnesota

Venka Purushothaman, La Salle-SIA College of the Arts

Low Kee Hong, TheatreWorks (Singapore)


IG7 - Glocalizing Performance Research

Facilitated by: Jon McKenzie, Dartmouth College

Heike Roms, University of Glamorgan

C.J. Wee Wan-ling, Nanyang Technological University


Conference Reception

Hosted by Singapore Management University

Guest of Honour: Professor Roberto S Mariano, Dean, School of Economics and Social Sciences, Vice Provost, Research, Deputy Director, Wharton-SMU Research Center, Singapore Management University


















Coffee & Tea


 Main Session 3



Perform: Practice: Tradition:


Kathy Rowland, Researcher & activist, Malaysia (moderator)

Richard Gough, University of Wales

Ong Keng Sen, TheatreWorks, Singapore

Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof, University of Malaya

Jung-Soon Shim, Soongsil University



Interest Groups

Public Programme



See day 1 for details

Artists’ Panel on Butterflies by Golden Bough Theatre (Taiwan)

Introduced and contextualized by Yu Shan-lu, supported by National Arts Council





Meeting of PSi Artists Network Committee

Acting chair: Laurie Beth Clark


PSi Graduate Students’ Committee

Acting chair: Paul Rae


Parallel Panel Session 2



2.1 Radical In-corporations and Visionary Crossbreeds

Meiling Cheng

University of Southern California

Homixenology on Trial: Performing Alien Molting in Contemporary China.

Katherine Mezur

University of California, Berkeley

The Superflat Girls and Alien Incorporation: Japan's Cute/Pop Nation Modified for Creative Consumption.

KK Seet

National University of Singapore 

Mothers and Daughters: Abjection and the Monstrous-Feminine in Japan's Dark Water and South Korea's A Tale of Two Sisters

Shannon Steen

University of California, Berkeley

Of Viruses and Virtue: Resisting the Asian Body as Transnational Vector of Contagion

Trinh T Minh-ha : Discussant

University of California, Berkeley

Margaret Werry

University of Minnesota

Policy, Post-Ethnicity, and the Neo-Liberal Imagination: Alien Encounters in the South Pacific



2.2 Breadcrumbs:

Tracing The Way Home

Rachel Apelt

Visual artist, Australia

The Skins of Gilgamesh

Michael Lee

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Misusing the House: Making a Home: Domestic Imaginations in Contemporary Singapore Arts

Susie Lingham

Writer & artist, Singapore

Heterotropic hauntings

Suzann Victor

Visual artist, Australia/Singapore

The image stammers


2.3 Performance, Language and Translation 1 (Asia Research Institute panel)

Chua Soo Pong

Chinese Opera Institute, Singapore

Verbal and Non-verbal Languages in Contemporary Chinese Opera Performance in China and Singapore

Pornrat Damrhung


Translating Khon for the Public: Changing Language to Make Meaning in Thai Performance Culture

Tan Sooi Beng

Universiti Sains Malaysia

Multilingualism and Humour: Comic Songs as Mediators of Pluralism in Malaysia

Ward Keeler

University of Texas

Polyglossic Pleasures: Translation in Balinese and Javanese Performing Arts.



2.4 Perspectives on Performance in the

Global Marketplace

Chia-Che Hsieh

Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh

Resistance Or Surrender? The impact of performing arts festival provision on cultural identities of traditional Japanese and Chinese performing arts, and its relationship to western audience expectations: A case study of Asian productions at Edinburgh International Festival

Shailaja J.

Theatre artist, India

Art of the voyeur and the vanishing Art: A study on Indian performing arts in global market

Sheelah Grace Murthy & Anuj Vaidya

Mrs Rao’s Growl, US

The Role of Tourist as Seen in the Performance Piece: “The Techno Buddhist is a Tourist.”

Tan Shzr Ee

Ethnomusicologist, Singapore

Culture vs Art; Performance vs Preservation: The role of cultural intermediaries in the case of ‘Enigma’ versus Taiwanese aboriginal singer ‘Difang’.

Csaba Toth

Carlow College, Pittsburgh

Performing Global Japan: Gender, J-Pop, and Geographies Of Desire In Contemporary Tokyo



2.5 Staging the Self,

Staging the Other

Gunhild Borggreen

University of Copenhagen

Performing Nationhood: Mori Mariko and her Self-staging Projects

Rune Gade

University of Copenhagen

The Social Body within the Individual Self: The work of Tanja Ostojic.

Camilla Jalving

University of Copenhagen

Framing Performativity.

Hanne-Louise Johannesen

University of Copenhagen

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Digital.

Malene Vest Hansen

University of Copenhagen

Public Places – Private Spaces: Sophie Calle’s The Detachment


2.6 Performing for the State:

Censorship in

Singapore & Malaysia

Rey Buono

Sunway College, Malaysia

Lucy Davis: discussant

focas, Forum on Contemporary Art and Society Singapore

Jo Kukathas

Theatre artist, Malaysia 

Dana Lam

Artist & civil society activist, Singapore

Kathy Rowland

Researcher & activist, Malaysia

Alfian Sa’at

Poet, playwright & writer, Singapore






Parallel Panel Session 3



3.1 Performance in Islamic Societies

Dalia Basiouny


To Conceal & Reveal: Representations of Moslem Women on Stage

William Beeman

Brown University

Gender, Sexuality and Performance in Islam

John Bell

Emerson College

Islam and Object Performance

Thomas King

James Madison University

Turkish and Ottoman Identity in Performance

Rayelle Niemann

Researcher & Multimedia Artist

Moulids in Egypt: A Traditional Phenomenon of Ritual and Sociability.


3.2 Self-Fashioned Identities


Joshua Dale

Tokyo Liberal Arts University

“Sex is worth dying for”: Annabel Chong, The Interrogation of Identity of Identity and the Ethics of Sacrifice

Ho Tzu Nyen

Visual artist, Singapore

The Clothes Make the Man – The Story of Four Suits

Rachel Joseph

Stanford University

Performing Infinity.

Daphne Lei

University of California, Irvine

Asia Skin Deep: A Traditional Phenomenon of Ritual and Sociability


3.3 Seduction, Affection,

Subversion and Desire

Helena Grehan

Murdoch University

Seduction, Display and Power: ethics and representation in contemporary performance.

Bojana Kunst

University of Ljubljana

Politics of Affection and Uneasiness

Jung-Soon Shim

Soongsil University

Performing Emotion Interculturally: Korean Production of Hamlet

Tina Takemoto

California College of the Arts

Sick, Exotic, and Outta Control: Ecstasies of Asian/American Performance.



3.4 Transmissions & Spectacle

Catherine Diamond

Soochow University

Fa Ngoum’s Legacy: The Impact of State, Foreign Media, and Donor Organizations on Lao Performing Arts

Ray Langenbach (moderator)

Theorist & performance artist, Malaysia

Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez

University of the Philippines

Power and Performativity:  The Case of Tupada (Philippines).

Ingrid Muan

Reyum Arts Centre, Cambodia

States of Panic:  Procedures of the present in 1950s Cambodia.

Takahashi Yuichiro

Dokkyo University

(Re)Invention of Japan through the Olympian Spectacle.



3.5 Youth Theatre in Malaysia:

(What) Does it Mean Anymore?

Fahmi Fadzil

Akshen Theatre, Malaysia


Carmen Nge

Five Arts, Malaysia


Charlene Rajendran

National Institute of Education


Mark Teh

Five Arts / Akshen Theatre, Malaysia

Methodology and Pedagogy

Sheelah Grace Murthy & Anuj Vaidya : discussants

Mrs Rao’s Growl, US


3.6 Performance, Language and Translation 2 (Asia Research Institute Panel)

Paul Dwyer: Discussant

University of Sydney

Jennifer Lindsay

Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore

Performing Translation: Hardjo Susilo’s translation of Javanese wayang performance

Goenawan Mohamad

Artist, Indonesia

Sri Mulat:  Politics of Orality?

Alfian Sa’at

Poet, playwright & writer, Singapore

Out of Sync: Bad Translation as Performance



3.7 Performing Queer in Contemporary Thailand

Pawit Mahasarinand

Chulalongkhorn University

Performing Solo: The “Queer” Performance Artist

Kuthilda Maneerat

Chulalongkorn University

Commodified Figure: “Queer” Body on Display at Calypso Cabaret (A Thai Female Impersonation Show for Tourists)

Wankwan Polachan

University of Bangkok

“Queer” Presentation in Thai Comic Performance

Wannasak Sirilar

Theatre artist, Thailand





















 Parallel Panel Session 4



4.1 Intercultural and Postcolonial Frameworks for Indonesian Performance


Michael Bodden

University of Victoria

“Fuedalism” and “Aufklarung” and the Faces of “tradition” in the Construction of Indonesia’s National Art Theatre

John Emigh

Brown University

Years of Living Dangerously: Culture, Criticism and Killing in Bali from 1963 to 1966

Cobina Gillitt

New York University

Taman Ismail Marzuki’s Golden Years: Continuity, Innovation and Semangat Ke-Indonesiaan in Indonesia Theatre 1968- 1978

Evan Darwin Winet

Macalester College

“Rakyat” and “Ummat”: In search of the Islamic in Indonesian Theatre and Performance Theory

Astri Wright

University of Victoria

Performing the Artist’s Performance: Astri responding to Arahmaiani



4.2 Politicised Acts,

Political Actions

Sruti Bala

University of Mainz

Performative aspects of nonviolent action

Maaike Bleeker

University of Amsterdam

Let’s Fall in Love: Performing Political Marriage.

Thomas Burvill

Macquarie University

Resistant Performance and (State) Performatives in The Time of the Tampa

Antonio Prieto-Sta mbáugh

El Colegio de Michoacán

The Politics of Representation in Contemporary Mexican Performance Art

Venka Purushothaman

LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts

Ordinary Acts: Line-dancing and Apathy in Everyday Life in Singapore



4.3 Rethinking Ritual and Authenticity

Margaret Chan

Singapore Management University

Ritual is Theatre, Theatre Is Ritual: Chinese Theatre as Ritual of Transformation.

Dorothy Chansky

The College of William & Mary

Staging the Passion: Reading Responses to Film and Theatre Versions of the “Greatest Story Ever Told.”

Douglas Farrer

National University of Singapore

In the Shadows of Performance: Mysticism, Mystification and the Search for Authenticity

Mundoli Narayanan

Miyazaki International College

The Over-ritualisation of Performance: Western Discourses on Indian Traditional Theatre.

Sue-Han Ueng

National Taipei University

Performance Tactics in Taiwanese Folk Ritual Processions—Interplay with the State.



4.4 Incorporations

Amanda Card

University of Sydney

Blame it on the Butoh

David Cross

Massey University

Medical Rebirth in Singapore.

Heike Gaessler

Writer, Germany

Contemporary Chinese Dance

Natalie Loveless

University of California, Santa Cruz

Translation and Materiality: producing von Hagens Bodyworlds.

Peta Tait

La Trobe University

Re/memberings of Muscular Aerial Bodies in Circus.



4.5 Performance in and of Social Space

Thomas Berghuis

University of Sydney / Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Public Conduct and Private Space: Performance Art in China Today

Shimon Levy

Tel Aviv University

Space as Meaning: The Sinking of the Titanic at Tel Aviv University.

Jane McGonigal

University of California, Berkeley

Dark Play in Public Spaces: Confessions of a Flash Mob Organizer.

Michael Peterson

University of Wisconsin

Stateless and Under-Stated Streets: Power and Place in Entertainment Districts

Nicolas Whybrow

University of Warwick

‘Der Bevölkerung’/ ‘For the Populace’: performative interrogations of nationhood in the new Germany



4.6 Organising Performance: Initiatives and Initiators

Minako Eshi

Setagaya Public Theatre, Tokyo

Contemporary Theatre in Asia, a 3 year Collaboration Project

Jay Koh

International Forum for InterMedia Art

Working Strategies in Cross-cultural Engagements

Lee Wen

Performance artist, Singapore

The desire to perform art: representation, reception and evolution

Judith McLean & Zane Trow

Queensland University of Technology

Organising Performance: Initiatives and Initiators


Ute Ritschel

University of Mainz

Inviting the “Other” - Asian performance artists in Germany.




Interest Groups



See Day 1 for details





Meeting of PSi International Committee


Chair: Sharon Mazer


Parallel Panel Session 5        



5.1 Performance Art as Performance Art 2

(open to public)


Performance Artist, Indonesia


Lee Wen

Performance artist, Singapore

Almost untitled: interrogate the error

Boris Nieslony

Performance artist, Germany

Koan - Daily Life Plot: Translation

Seiji Shimoda

Performance artist, Japan

Six Chopsticks

W. Christiawan

Performance Artist, Indonesia

Should We Light Our Spirit with Everything When the Soul has Nothing



5.2 Producing Performance Studies

Jessica Chalmers, University of Notre Dame, Peter Falkenberg, University of Canterbury, Sharon Mazer, University of Canterbury

Perform: State: Interrogate: Be: Here: Now:

Malcolm Floyd

King Alfred’s College Winchester

The Coaxial Gaze and Inter-Performance Reflexivity.

Mick Wallis

University of Leeds

Negotiating disciplines: contribution to a dialogue.




5.3 Wayang and Topeng: Puppets, Masks, and Performing Objects in Indonesia and Malaysia

John Emigh:discussant

Brown University

Matthew Isaac Cohen

University of Glasgow

Suluk Wujil & Performance in Premodern Java

Jan Mrázek

National University of Singapore

Masks and Selves in Contemporary Java: The Dances of Didik "Nini Thowok"

Laurie Margot Ross

University of California

Gender and agency in Cirebonese Topeng Performance

Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof: discussant



5.4 Screen Cultures & Electronic Agency

Tricia Almeida

University of Porto

Dance and Technology in Body Amplification

Michael Bussière

Sonic Design Interactive, Canada

Performance space meets Broadband

Theresa Smalec

New York University

The Affects of the On-line Performance.

Mary Wiles

University of Canterbury

Lethal Performances:  The Origins of the Execution Film in an "Electric Century".



5.5 State & Trauma


Marin Blazevic

Academy of Drama Art, Zagreb

Interrogative bodies –retro/perspective of new theatre in Croatia

Laurie Beth Clark

University of Wisconsin

Trauma Memorials

Paul Dwyer

University of Sydney

Political Theatre in the Age of “Transcendental Capitalism”

Gay McAuley

University of Sydney

Place and the Performance of Memory.

Graham White

University of Surrey

Memory Redacted: The ‘Bloody Sunday’ Tribunal and the Enactment of a Contested Past.



5.6 Intercultures: Mediations and Mediators


Maija Brown

University of Minnesota

Borders of Memory & History:  Miss Saigon & Dana Tai Soon Burgess

Margaret Coldiron

Central School of Speech and Drama, London

Sendatari Yunani: Negotiating the Languages of Intercultural Performance

Alex Dea

Ethnomusicologist, US

Whose Culture and Who’s Cross? A Close Look and Evaluation of Three Inter-cultural Experiences in Central Java

Yuji Sone

University of New South Wales

East Meets West: Bunraku, Intermediation, and Australian Institutional Conceptions of Interdisciplinarity

Martin Welton

Queen Mary’s University of London

Just for Kicks?




5.7 Figures of Power and Resistance


Visakesa Chandrasekaram

Lawyer and theatre artist, Australia and Sri Lanka

Legal Theatre.

Barbara Rose Haum

New York University

Reclaiming a Presence: Language, Identity and Transformation

Luis L. Esparza Serra

El Colegio de Michoacán

Addressing food risks in Mexico through performance and critical research

Kean Wong

Australian National University

Figures of power and resistance- “Ban the bands": death metal panic, Malay youth and Islamic identity




Tea Break


Main Session 4



Real Performances, Traumatic Displacements

Lucy Davis, focas, Forum On Contemporary Art & Society, Singapore (moderator)

Freddie Rokem, Tel Aviv University

Peggy Phelan, Stanford University

Matilda Gabrielpillai, Nanyang Technological University

Featuring a film by Rabih Mroué, theatre & multimedia artist, Lebanon











DAY 4: FRIDAY 18 JUNE 2004








Interest Groups




See Day 1 for details







Utama: Every Name in History Begins with I

Director: Ho Tzu Nyen

The Troupe

Director: Rabeah Ghaffari



Main Session 5





Interest Groups Report







Book Launch

Alternatives: Debating Theatre Culture in the Age of Con-Fusion



See Day 1 for details


Main Session 5




PSi Annual General Meeting




Tea Break




Main Session & Closing

Ray Langenbach, Theorist & performance artist, Malaysia

Marian Pastor Roces, Writer, Philippines

Chen Kuan-Hsing, National Tsing Hua University

Krishen Jit, Five Arts Centre, Malaysia