1.    Development of preliminary portal to demonstrate proof of concept and impact.

2.    Founding an editorial team to run SingaporeArt.

3.    Annual 3-year operations budgeting, process analysis, and manpower time resource projection are carried out.

4.    Scoping of SingaporeArt portal processes.

5.    Submission for grant approval to the National Arts Council and the Singapore International Foundation.

6.    Formalizing as SingaporeArt (Singapore Art Research Team) - non-profit organization.

7.    Obtaining permanent space from statutory board offices or art housing areas at nominal rate and inventory.

8.    Hiring of one permanent self-motivated arts administrator and IT savvy staff.

9.    Development of database, posting, forum, membership management, and e-mail publishing functions by outsourcing to commercial supplier.

10.    Collection and filing of paper-related materials, photographic, and audio-visual materials, and co-ordination with the Singapore Art Museum, National Library, and the Singapore Archives to determine scope of collection and eventual destination of these objects.

11.    Maintaining database with full contact with Singapore and International media bodies, Singapore artists and art bodies.

12.  Writing to the media bodies and people for full, timely, and continual access to press releases, and other copyright material granted for archiving.

13.    Quarterly meeting of team to audit work of SingaporeArt.

14.    Annual review and grant resubmission.

15.    2-year editorial board member review.