Four people went to sleep last night and woke up in a dream. They stayed long enough to live their joys, fears and even their fantasies.
poppydotdreams is a visceral, physical, sometimes zany and often peculiar imaginings of a common dreamscape. The piece marries physical vocabulary, text and digital media and sound. Members of the audience are invited to bring a pillow with them should they be tempted to join the performers for a snooze.
The premise is simple: Living in a city like ours, we need to dream. 6 artists – 4 performers, 1 playwright and 1 digital sound and image designer begin their trip on this premise. The emptiness, restlessness, loneliness and urban disenfranchisement drive them to dream, to escape, to take flight. They can't wait to sleep for only in their sleep that they get a chance to dive into their dream and awaken the hunger, the passion and the desire that sleep deep within their core. They dream, they travel to meet their lovers, to meet their destinies, to meet themselves, to meet you.
poppydotdreams is a developmental project conceived by Low Kee Hong and created in collaboration with Norlina Mohamed, Gani Abdul Karim, Suhaila Sulaiman, Casey Lim and Alfian Sa’at. Using digital media, club music, story-telling and movement, it promises to be an exhilarating trip into the fabulous world of dreaming, trance and fantasy.
PROCESS: PHASE I As it is now, poppydotdreams is in Phase I. It begins with exploring and constructing a unique physical vocabulary and score and the body's relationship with digital video and sound design. It will also include post-production talks to further extend the exploratory nature of poppydotdreams. These discussion sessions form an important inter-phase with the audience during the developmental phase of poppydotdreams. They involve discussions on the process, the conceptual framework as well as issue of digital media involvement in theatre. The creative team will eventual go off and develop poppydotdreams into its second phase scheduled in 2002.
 WHAT IS PCA? Performance Collective Asia (PCA) is an independent performance collective seeking to provide alternative creative opportunities for artists. It is founded by Norlina Mohamed, Low Kee Hong, Tang Fu Kuen and Jeremiah Choy. Its mission is to generate new works either independently or in collaboration with artists within Singapore and around the region. It also serves as a resource for intercultural and interdisciplinary research and provides creative, technical and intellectual support to independent artists.
PCA focuses on movement and text based performers and performance-thinkers who are inclined toward experimental interdisciplinary work. These artists have extensive training as well as performance experience with established theatre companies. With such experience comes the desire to explore and express personal performance identities. PCA serves the collective needs of these independent artists and their desires to experiment and create original works.
'Ashes' was PCA's first production. Noted for its ‘evocative visual design, astute ideas and consummate performers’ (ST Life!, June 19, 2000), ‘Ashes’ was commissioned by the Singapore Arts Festival 2000 for its Late Night Series. It was staged at the Sculpture Square.
DREAM SPACE: THE SUBSTATION, GUINNESS THEATRE DREAM TIME: 8PM DREAM DATES: 3 – 6 OCTOBER 2001 DREAM CHARGE: $15 AND $10 (STUDENT CONCESSION) Contact The Substation Box Office at 3377800 or norlina2@y... or call 90229016(hp) for more information