For Want of a Better Word (or "Please")


A Time-based Installation by DKyL


Performed by DKyL, Stephanie Yap, Andriana Ngaman.

Music Composed by Chong Li-Chuan




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I have many words clogged up in my brain. Too many. Chuckloads of cliched metaphysical questions that do not allow space for full-stops. The act of writing down one's thoughts is emanicipatory. One is freed, purged and released from those thoughts as soon as he writes them down or speak them out. The words, after being said or written can then be stashed away (for good). But one must remember that whatever he has said - no matter how much the words are a product of deep inner experience, how filled with sincerity they are from his heart - once the words escape his lips, they become mere appropriated material. I can say nothing original. Time and again, the author, the creator and the artist has been killed, buried, resurrected only to be killed again. The words I have are the same words, said once too many times before. Words loses their meaning once they step out of the context of the speaker. My "pain" do not share the same qualitative definition with your "pain". No one word has an absolute meaning. I cannot convey my feelings to you. Whatever word I choose to express myself will be doomed to inadequacy. What about silence? Silence is golden. Is it really? Gold seems so loud a colour. In a conversation, I find myself listening to the gaps between the words that others say. Maybe I can find transcendental bliss in-between those words. I could shut up. I want to say one word in all its totality. I suspect I am bound to fail.


This performance is presented by: The Substation as part of Septfest 99