Nokia Singapore Art

MAIN EXHIBITION - 9 Dec 2001 to 3 Feb 2002

The main exhibition will feature some 141 works by 133 artists at 4 main venues. The works will be presented through a broad range of materials dealing with this year's theme of Histories, Identities. Technologies and Spaces (HITS). A new component of this Nokia Singapore Art Series is the cyberart component featuring artworks employing new technologies like virtual reality environment, digital sounds and web interfaces in contemporary art.

71 Bras Basah Rd, Tel: 332 3222
Tue - Thurs, Sat & Sun (9 am - 6 pm)
Fri (9 am - 9 pm), Closed on Mon

At the Singapore Art Museum, a panel of artists will exhibit a variety of works in several media. The works span the entire catalogue of human experience making references to concepts of history; questioning tradition and aesthetic identity by incorporating Chinese ink painting techniques into contemporary expressions; exploring the abstract qualities of forms and materials; examining the dynamics of ethnicity and gender politics and exploring the intersections of art and technology through the cyberarts. The panel will include well-known artists such as Siew Hock Meng, Tang Da Wu, Wee Beng Chong, Ahmad Abu Bakar and Chua Say Hua.


140 Hill St, MITA Building
10am - 6pm daily

Be enthralled by the diverse art works on display in the airy and spacious MITA Building ARTrium. 7 significant artists - Tong Chin Sye, Jeremy C G Ramsey, Teng Chok Dee, Ho Chee Lick, Tay Chee Toh, Chieu Shuey Fook and Ang Cheng Chye - will unveil their recent achievements in painting, steel sculpture and metal relief. In addition, Sun Yu-Li will mount a site event executing 100 paintings inspired by his mapping of the Universe series.

48 Waterloo St
10am - 6pm daily

If you have been fascinated, but mystified by the beautiful strokes of Chinese calligraphy, do not miss the exhibition of the Singapore Calligraphy Centre. A series of Chinese calligraphy - including Kai Shu, Cao Shu, Li Shu, Xing Shu and Zhuan Shu - will be displayed, demonstrating the extent of accomplishment of this classical form. Contemporary calligraphy, as well as works inspired by Islamic calligraphy, will also be shown to provide an interesting contrast to similar themes and subjects.

155 Middle Rd
10am - 6pm daily

Sculpture Square will feature the works of 14 artists whose central theme is identity through the human condition. From womb to tomb, this identity is explored through the artists' re-presentation (as opposed to representation) of the familiar, to explore life on the micro-level -- private and personal, as well as macro-level -- societal. Many of the works feature the 'absent' presence which is reinterpreted through the memory by way of photographs, stitchings, weaving, digital prints, video and installation spaces.

A thought provoking range of art works will be displayed in several key public spaces in the city including CHIJMES and Suntec City. Many of the works are site-specific and were conceived exclusively for the spaces in question taking into consideration the peculiar physical characteristics and social use of the spaces.
Eat away by Margaret Tan Ai Hua
A work on consumption of stereotypical images of gender and requiring audience participation in consuming the artwork in the form of chocolates. (10-12 Dec 2001)
~Hilton Hotel
Stroll, Lean, Slide 2001 by Saraswati Gramich
An installation using luminous lines that allows audience participation to transform the artwork.
~Suntec City Fountain
Lips II by Tay Bee Aye
A soft sculpture that investigates how woman are being ideologically conceived and perceived.
~Suntec City
The Yellow Brick Road by Sylvia Goh Hwee Chieng, Benjamin Puah
A construction of a "fairy tale" in the urban city. Are all the Dorothies, tinmen, lions and scarecrows heading for the Land of Oz? Where then is the Land of Oz?
~Singapore River Promenade - Outside Asian Civilisations Museum, Empress Place and UOB Plaza
Blk 124 by Tang Da Wu, Lee Foo Kuan, Ho Soon Yeen, Betsy Tan
A collaborative project that involves the occupants and visitors to Blk 124.
~Blk 124, Kim Tian Place
The Alchimy of Days by Dumolie Marie-France
An installation that lends itself to manipulation and creation of magical atmosphere.
Sweet Commotion by Zainudin B Samsuri, Lim Kok How
The sculptural artworks are inspired to create in a structural form of an ant, merging with the shape of the baby's head with subtle smile and grown up legs. It talks about challenges, competition and surviving skills in the fast-paced life.
In addition to the main exhibition of Nokia Singapore Art 2001, more creative stimuli can be found in the Affiliate Exhibitions held around the island of various art and cultural institutions as well as outdoor venues.
Deriving Spaces
Innovative and thought provoking artworks will be installed over 15 sites around the vicinity of Plastique Kinetic Worms, Club Street, Hong Lim Complex area and Far East Square.
The Spirit Within - Recent Works by Telok Kurau Artists
Come admire the works of 30 artists from the Telok Kurau Studios, a fraternity of painters, sculptors. Chinese ink artists, installation artists and ceramists - some of whom haven been practising art for 20 years - will demonstrate their diverse techniques and intense individual viewpoint.
Telok Kurau Studies Gallery and compound (91 Lorong J Telok Kurau)
9 Dec 2001 - 5 Jan 2002
11 am - 5 pm
Tel: 348 0535
Eye-dentifying Peranakan Cultures
Strait-born Chinese or Peranakan culture is celebrated through a series of dialogues that delve into the community's complex social relations. The rich and diverse Peranakan cultural and artistic practices will also be examined. The exhibition interrogates not just Peranakan material culture, but also questions how that material interrelates with the social relations within the Peranakan communities.
Diversity - A prominent hallmark of Singapore art - is the focus of this wide-ranging exhibition featuring 100 recent artworks by Singaporean artists spanning 3 generations. Addressing 4 major themes - Histories, Identities, Technologies and Spaces, the paintings, sculptures and calligraphic works by the Singapore Art Society will reflect the artists' individual state of development, their potential, their experimentation, their discoveries and their mature years.
MITA Building (#01-06/07/08), 140 Hill Street
15 - 27 Dec 2001
10 am - 7 pm

Tel: 743 0609


M-Constructed Spaces - Crossover or Assimilation
This exhibition delves into the complex world of multiculturalism, immigrants and their different social values and spaces. Observation will be carried out at 4 venues, namely Golden Mile Shopping Centre for Thai nationals, Peninsula Plaza for Burmese nationals and Lucky Plaza for Filipino nationals.


Tel: 472 2356

Space The Great Hall at Millenia Walk
Date 5 - 13 Jan 2002
Time All day
From a Distance
This is an exhibition of over 35 works by 20 Public Service Commission (PSC) scholars. It presents extracts of the scholars experiences overseas and the way these correspond to notions of personal, cultural and national identities. The exhibition is organised by PSC in commemoration of its 50th Anniversary and features a spectrum of media including paintings, prints, photographs, installations, video and mixed-media works.
City Hall Chambers (3 St Andrew's Rd, City Hall)
21 - 23 Dec 2001
9 am - 5.30 pm

Tel: 332 4008

An invigorating exhibition held by members of the Printmaking Society (Singapore), Borders explores the imprecise concept of "print". At first glance, the printing process is characterised by precision and painstaking perfectionism, but the sheer diversity of techniques allows for endless variations and interaction with other art forms.
Alliance Francaise (1 Sarkies Rd)
4 - 17 Jan 2001
11 am - 7 pm closed on Sunday

Tel: 9664 3565

Remembering Samsui Women - A Mixed Media Exposition
Samsui women played an important role in the history and heritage of Singapore. The exposition will be displayed via text, photos, paintings, sketches and video interviews as well as through audience interaction.
Ying Fo Fui Kuan (98 Telok Ayer Street - near Far East Square)
5 - 20 Jan 2002
9 am - 5 pm

Tel: 9588 3572




The In-Conjunction Exhibitions take a walk on the wild side by looking at life from a different, often wholly unexpected angle. The challenge is to open and expand the mindset and to explore possibilities that are not normally expected.
Using optical illusions created by objects, digital images, lights and shadows as well as found and made objects as a medium of communication, Polarity provides simple insights into such issues as modern technology versus traditions.
Artfolio (Raffles Hotel Arcade #02-12/25, 328 North Bridge Road)
4 -16 Dec 2001
11 am - 7.30 pm
Tel: 334 4866
New Messenger
A photographic exhibition aimed at showcasting new photographs and new visions. Participating photographers include Daveson Ong, Ernest Goh, Wee Kheng Li, Terence Yeung and Tay Kay Chin.
Hotel Gallery Evason/L1 & L2 gallery space (76 Robertson Quay)
15 Dec 2001 - 15 Jan 2002
9 am - 9 pm
Tel: 9385 8956 (hp) Terence Yeung
Sun Yu-Li - My Universe, My Art
This retrospective features the career of Sun Yu-Li which includes sketches/drawings of his inspiration, works of mobiles, sculptures and paintings from 1987 to 2001.
iPreciation (59 - 61 Kim Yam Rd)
6 Dec 2001 - 10 Feb 2002
Mon - Fri 10 am - 7 pm;
Sat and Sun 1 - 5 pm
Tel: 339 0678
Piercing Visions
The exhibition conjures the notion of historical India and her finely woven traditions while suggesting bright posterity.
Bhaskar's Arts Gallery (29A Campbell Lane, Little India)
8 Dec 2001 - 3 Feb 2002
10 am - 7 pm
Tel: 336 6537
Shot in the Face
Shot in the Face is a multi-media exhibition. Through the works of 2 Singaporean artists and 2 artists from China, an examination is made from the dilemma of the video camera which can simultaneously shoot and record; and shoot and "wind" the subject matter. The artists from both countires will focus their perspectives on the core themes of Histories. identities and Technologies. This exhibition exposes the public to the continuing evolution of contemporary art in Asia.
Earl Lu Gallery (90 Goodman Rd)
13 Dec 2001 - 2 Jan 2002
Tue - Fri (11 am - 7 pm);
Sat, Sun and Public Holiday (10 am - 5 pm)
Tel: 340 9102
Time Cycles
How is time traditionally measured? How is it viewed by contemporary artists? How has technology affected our perception of it? Time Cycles is a collaborative art installation using 3 different art media to examine the continuous loop and progression of time; digital animation, film and traditional painting. In particular, this exhibition features a series of inter-related and dependent presentations begining with the rich paintings of Parvathi Nayar, the futuristic animation of James Speck and ending with the cyclical film-work of Christine Lim.
Alliance Francaise (1 Sarkies Rd)
18 - 31 Jan 2002
11 am - 7 pm except Sun
Tel: 9833 4603



For the duration of Nokia Singapore Art 2001, each weekend will feature talks and forums by artists and various art societies in Singapore. All talks will be conducted in English unless otherwise stated. Admission is free.
71 Bras Basah Rd
15 Dec 2001
2 - 3.15pm Deriving Spaces
  by Plastique Kinetic Worms
A team of artists led by Vincent Leow will present their findings and documentations of working on their various projects along South Bridge Road. Discussions will be held on the process of collaboration, negotiation and compromise while working on both private and public spaces in this area.
3.45 - 5pm
Diversity - Concepts, Trends, Media, Material
  by Singapore Art Society
A painter, a sculptor, a fibre artist and a digital artist will discuss the significance of the phenomenon of diversity in the creative process of art making. They will explore in depth new possibilities which could extend the artist boundaries.

22 Dec 2001
3.45 - 5pm Eye-dentifying Peranakan Cultures
  by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
The curators of this affiliate exhibition will speak on the project's objectives, curatorial directions and links to contemporary fine art practices. There will also be a preview of selected art pieces from the exhibition. A question-and-answer session will follow.
29 Dec 2001
2 - 3.15pm The Eye of the Artist
  by Modern Art Society
Chng Nai Wee will provide a provoking insight into how the eyes of artists may have shaped their perceptions and their works.
3.45 - 5pm
Shot in the Face
  by Earl Lu Gallery, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts
This slide and video presentation will be followed by a discussion with curator, Binghui Huangfu, on the artistic practices of young Singapore video artists.
5 Jan 2002
2 - 3.15pm Borders
  by Printmaking Society (Singapore)
In this session, Susie Lingham uses images to suggest the border between physical fact and idealised nostalgic fiction and examines how artistic works blur the line between private and public space.
3.45 - 5pm
Why No Discount?
  by Art Galleries Association
Join in a invigorating discussion on the role of art galleries, how they function, support artists and develop the art scene, beyond conventional gallery practices.
6 Jan 2002
2 - 3.15pm Seal Carving and Chinese Calligraphy
  by Molan Art Society
An informative introduction to, and demonstration of, seal carving and Chinese calligraphy.
3.45 - 5pm Chinese Brush Painting
  by Molan Art Society
An intriguing introduction to, and demonstration of, Chinese painting.
12 Jan 2002
2 - 3.15pm Remembering Samsui Women - A Mixed Media Exposition
  by Koh Nguang How
A talk and slide show presented by Koh Nguang How, on the role played by Samsui women in the history and heritage of Singapore.
3.45 - 5pm Metapatterns - The Hidden Language of the Universe
  by Sun Yu-Li
The talk creates awareness about a universal language discovered by Sun Yu-Li. Sun believes that if we can decode this universal language, we should be able to apply it to a lot of other uses such as computers, medicine etc.
13 Jan 2002
2 - 3.14pm Calligraphy Appreciation and Demonstration
  by Shi Cheng Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Society
A must-attend event for all those interested in calligraphy and the ancient art of seal carving. (In Mandarin)
3.45 - 5pm Creative Calligraphy - Carving and Demonstration
  by Shi Cheng Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Society
Be amazed by the demonstration of creative calligraphy carving of Ajiro Chotei, Japan Calligraphy Carving Master.

19 Jan 2002
2 - 3.15pm The Islamic Art (A brief note on Singapore's Islamic Art)
  by Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya
An informative talk on Islamic art in Singapore
3.45 - 5pm
Between Tradition and Innovation
  by Modern Art Society
A behind-the-scenes look at the different stages of the artists' development towards a contemporary destination. Chua Ek Kay discusses the relationship between tradition, innovation. comtemporary and identity within the context of Chinese ink paintings.
20 Jan 2002
2 - 3.15pm Modern Calligraphy
  by Chua Ek Kay, Member of NSA01 Curatorial Committee
Modern calligraphy is an art form that is full of autonomous self-expression. This session will delve into such issues as 'What is modern calligraphy?', 'Can it be developed into an independent contemporary art category?' and 'What is the relationship between modern calligraphy and abstract expression?'. (In Mandarin)
3.45 - 5pm
Of Bytes and Blotes: A Critical Introduction to the Cyberarts
  by Gunalan Nadarajan, Member of NSA01 Curatorial Committee
A brief, but critical, introduction to the development of cyberarts, its aesthetic and technology possibilities as well as future potential. Telematic robotics, virtual reality environments, net art and the like will be touched on.
26 Jan 2002
2 - 3.15pm Art in the Spatial Context of Architecture
  by Modern Art Society
Examine the relationship between art and architecture with Ang Teck Ee.
3.45 - 5pm
Telematic Mediations: An Introduction to Net Art
  by Gunalan Nadarajan, Member of NSA01 Curatorial Committee
A talk on the key developments in net art in the context of technological, cultural and aesthetic boundaries.