>Subject: No Art Day 2000

>Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 14:19:53 +0800

> >Dear all,

> >It's been quite a while since the idea for NAD was mooted, and since then >there's been a lot of developments, throwing up various issues from the way >the media represents the arts to the divisions that lie within the artistic >community. We've discussed, argued, negotiated at length about the >'inclusiveness' of the project, its relevance to 'the man on the street', >its hijacking and framing by the media, thrown around a suggestion of a >'National Art Day', etc... > >We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the investment you've >put into the process. : ) > >We'd also like to remind you that NAD will commence at 12 am (29th >December) >tomorrow, and that we'd like you to document how you spent your 24 hours >abstaining from art. Documentation should ideally be in the form of writing >or photography, and after NAD we'd like to request that you send in your >documentation material, which will be collated and organised for an >exhibition some time next year. The exhibition will also include various >press transcripts and other material pertaining to NAD.

> >Here's wishing you a fruitful NAD and a happy new year.

> >The NAD Committee