[names changed to protect the innocent]


[names changed to protect the innocent] is a quarterly programme which
seeks to nurture the spirit of experimentation and cutting-edge discourses
in the various disciplines of the performing arts. The programme is made up
of three components: performance, workshop and forum. The performance
component commissions progressive and exploratory new works and
works-in-progress; the workshop component provides a space for the training
and exchange of skills; and the forum component creates an avenue for the
discussion of current issues in the performing arts. With very affordable
pricing for all its events, [names changed to protect the innocent] aims to
attract audiences who are uninitiated to experimental performances and to
assist the arts community in providing a space for showcasing their works,
and for the dynamic exchange of ideas and skills.

Please contact Artistic Director of [names changed to protect the
innocent], Jeff Chen at 9664-7414 or solaris@s... for any further
information to the events or to find out how to participate in the various
components of the programme in future instalments.