Moleculux - Luminescent Bodies in Hyperspace
28th March to 21st May 2002








Showcasing luminescent sculptures suspended in space, Chng Nai Wee’s “Moleculux – Luminescent Bodies in Hyperspace” is the first outdoor light installation to be held at Sculpture Square.

This unique sculpture explores the aesthetics of molecular forms, and the interplay of light intensity, colour and dynamics. Multi-coloured, industrial-quality light cables will be encased in translucent plastic, and presented at different points at Sculpture Square’s exterior site.

During the day, the sculpture will be an observed as a 3-dimensional formation of translucent acrylic panels. When dusk arrives and the lights are turned on, it will be transformed into a glowing light sculpture cast against the night sky.

A practicing ophthalmologist, Chng has always been fascinated by the intricate relationship between technology and artistic creativity, often experimenting with innovative technologies in his work. In turn, his works explore the effect of technological advancement on the individual and environment.

Chng has been the recipient of Singapore’s most coveted awards including the Young Artist Award from the National Arts Council (1999), the Dr Tan Tze Chor Art Award (1995), and the Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards (Honourable Mentions, 1994). In 1991, at 22, he became the youngest artist to stage a solo show at Singapore’s National Museum.