The mixage exhibition deals with the contemporary preoccupation with networks; it is an organised exchange between four French and four Singaporean artists. The participants contributed eight original images dealing with their perception of time, which were gathered together and redistributed to them on a cd-rom or as prints.

The artists then reprocessed these original elements, creating four small squares and four large rectangles. They approached the common pool of elements in a highly individual and idiosyncratic manner. Some used computer software and hardware, while others cut and collaged prints, sometimes adding paint. One artist used the base elements as inspiration only, and drew figures inspried by them in Chinese ink and pastel.

The artist's individual mixes evolve through time as they undergo several remixes. Their work will first be shown in public spaces, such as a one hundred square metre floor graphic in Raffles City; on a double-decker bus; and as video messages on the digital screen at Suntec City. Art becomes integrated into the modern urban fabric.

In a second phase, the works and the original elements will be shown at the Substation, the Singapore Art Museum (including the Hu'u Bar) and the Alliance Francaise. As an exhibition, mixage is unique because of the wealth of mutations and permutations which it allows, while working within a precise format. It highlights one direction in which art may be heading in the new millennium; collaborative, evolutionary and technological.

Artists: Alain Declercq, Vincent Leow, Joyce Ng, Ming Wong, Juliana Yasin, Gilles Massot, P Nicolas Ledoux, The Red Dozer