Multimedia Art Asia Pacific

excerpts from the Festival Report prepared by Kim Machan, Festival Director


MAAP progresses to its 3rd Festival and builds to a new level in the organisation of media
creative content in the Asia Pacific Regions.

MAAP Multimedia Art Asia Pacific presented its third festival MAAP2000 , opening Friday 15 Sept
at the Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for the Live Arts. The festival ran in Brisbane until the 17 Sept.
The program held items including a screening program, nightly events (installation/performance),
20 Internet projects, and Internet forum. The program included work from eleven countries in the Asia Pacific regions.




a) Missile Web Launch Site curated by Kim Machan

The Missile Launch Project for MAAP2000 is a collection of artists web sites, online exchange
programs, curated online exhibitions from our region. The collection of 17 sites will be launched
daily from 1st -17th September. The works highlight recent Online activity and gives a broad
selection of work generated in the region to be read in the context of Presence and Place.


Sept 8:: Chng Nai Wee - "Biotechnics" Singapore
Chng Nai Wee shows a portfolio of work designed for gallery installation but designed for the web in an
experience that is true to the medium. Many of his gallery installations are built into versions that can stand
alone on the web successfully. The work examines the relevance between medicine and technology, from the
birth of a baby in a bio-reactor in Motherboard to the construction of a cyborg in the laboratory of Biotechnics.
He is inspired by the world of microbiology, neoplasm, transplantation, pharmacology, artificial intelligence
and robotics.


FineArt Forum Highlighted MAAP Festival

This month, Brisbane's multimedia art scene will buzz with activity at the Multimedia
Art Asia Pacific Festival 2000, on from Sept 15-17.

Witness quality programming under its "SEE, SEEK, SPEAK" theme with all-day screenings
of video/digital art work from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taipei, Indonesia,
Japan and Australia. International guest panels will rap and share ideas at an all day
forum presented by curators, theorists and artists. The panels will netcast and stream
through the MAAP web site with simultaneous online chats open for interaction from
international participants.