To raise the awareness of video and audio as artistic media among artists, students and the general public.
To provide a platform for presentation of media works by artists and students interested in using video and audio as an art form.
To establish a network of interested personnel working on related media.

Both experienced media artists and students would have the opportunities to showcase their works in the screening sessions.
The event includes a critique session by all participants. A moderator would be appointed to facilitate the discussion. This is to create a better understanding of each participant's artistic direction and possible collaborations among themselves in the future. The session is open to members of the public.
Works would be selected by the organisers from Plastique Kinetic Worms (PKW) and Young ARtists Domain (Y.A.R.D) for presentation in a group show to be held at PKW in 2003.

The screening is a non-profit event and there is no fee exacted or paid by PKW to participants and vice versa.
Artists are responsible for their own works and any copyright conditions with regards to any imagery used in their works. They may have to source their own equipments such as the projector.
Participants retain their rights to screen their works at other events.
Only works produced within 4 years prior to the date of submission will be considered for presentation.
Participants must be present for the critique session and be involved and contactable for any essential setting up/ dismantling of the presentation.
The programmes are subjected to change by discretion of organizers.
For further information about the MEDIA SERIES@PKW and application for submission, please contact:


PKW @ Tel: 6292 7783; Fax: 6292 2936 or email:

Wilkie Tan (Y.A.R.D. @ email: