M1 Fringe Festival 2006

"Heal The Rift Between Us" by Juliana Yasin and Natasha Wei

This performance is scripted in a way that both artists in due course meet together with their differing personalities, faith, and art language on the same canvas. In this constructed time and space, both artists begin on their own areas and react in their own ways. Where the artists are engaged in this obsessive performance, both women artists exhaust themselves physically to find the meaning of healing in their lives and we look with expectancy how these two artists respond to each other, when differences are brazened out, to bridge the rift between them as unique individuals.

This performance need not resemble the rainbow in its transitory beauty, but is settled and abiding at the end of the day when we experience the healing from the visual images as audience ourselves. It will not merely be a writing upon the sand, but an inscription upon the rock as the artistsí faith is not a baseless fabric of a vision, but built on material with solidity.Even as the artists depart from the performance, returning home, they take with them the healing that is established in their spirit, with the hope that the audience will take away something of importance too.


Sunday, 26th February 2006, 6:45pm, Esplanade Concourse

Momday, 27th February 2006, 7:15pm, Esplanade Concourse

Thursday, 2nd March 2006, 5:00- 6:00pm, Fringe Speak-Healing the Wounded, Singapore Art Museum Auditorium

Saturday, 4th March 2006, 7:00pm, Esplanade Concourse

Sunday, 5th March 2006, 7:00pm, Esplanade Concourse