Late Nite Series is a platform within the Singapore Arts Festival that is created to showcase innovative and experimental pieces by fledgling and promising artists and arts groups. Priority of consideration is accorded to proposals that incorporate the effective use of multimedia elements. If your proposal is selected for the Late Nite Series, you will enjoy the following benefits:

      Project fund of between $5,000 - $8,000

      Retain 80% of ticket proceeds from performances

      Rehearsal space and time (subject to nature of performance)

      Publicity support


Our Target Audience

Contrary to popular belief, the Late Nite Series does not target victims of insomnia who are seeking somnambulistic relief in haphazard attempts at genre-mixing, schizophrenic stagework. We are however looking for original pieces that cleverly meld the merits of multimedia, theatre, modern dance, jazz, contemporary music, film, and any other creative formats that your muse suggests.


Past Late Nite Series performances have captured audiences' imagination at unusual venues like Sculpture Square and Zouk. If you have an idea for a site-specific performance, let us know in advance so that we can help in facilitating the realisation of this dream.


So hit us with your best shot! Impress the socks off of us with your detailed proposal (see attached form), or meet up with us during the scheduled briefing session on 22 September, 2001, to discuss your ideas.


Begin your journey to a standing ovation with the Late Nite Series





Name of Group             :                                                                                                                      

                            (please enclose short write-up of group. Late Nite Series groups do not need to be registered with Registry of Companies)

Name of Group Representative              :                                                                                                                      

Address                        :                                                                                                                                                                                      

Contact Nos                  :                              (H)                            (O)                             (Hp/Pgr)

Email Address               :                                                                                                                      


Position held in Group   :                                                                                                                         (eg. Artistic Director, Production Manager )

Performance Title & Length              :                                                                                                                      



Abbreviated Synopsis (in about 25 words)        :                                                                                                                        

Artforms Engaged (e.g. Music + Theatre)   :                                                                                                                      

Target Audience (e.g. Young adults 20 to 35 with keen interest in technology)                :                                                                                                                      

Proposed Venue(s)        :                                                                                                                      



Please send the completed application together with a full budget breakdown, plus supplementary materials such as previous performance reviews, videotapes and CDs to:                


Arts Administrator (Late Nite Series)


140 Hill Street,

#03-01 MITA Building

Singapore 179369


Closing Date: 15 October 2001


Long Day's Journey Into The Night

aka What You Need to Know Before Venturing into the Late Nite Series

If you are raring to go, with a sensational script to boot, but are wondering if the Late Nite Series is the right platform for your talents, then this is the discussion you should attend.

Find out more about the areas of support that you will receive as a selected group of Late Nite Series, meet interesting and like-minded people who might be just the right ones you need to make your production a rousing success, and grill us on what exactly we are on the lookout for.

In other words, get geared up for the adventure in the dark that you embark on with the Late Nite Series.


Date: 22 September, 2001

Time: 11am

Venue: National Arts Council

Registrations by phone: 8379593

or email: are encouraged.


For more information, do feel free to contact us:

Tel       : 837 9593

Fax      : 837 3017

Email   :