Performance Art Project presents pap talk by Jay Koh & Chu Chuyuan
Date       13 June 2001   Wednesday
Time      7pm
Venue   The Substation, classroom 1


Jay Koh will use critical analysis to review the performances that he has done in the last 12 years ranging from ritualistic, to activist and conceptual based works. Some of these performances are part of an intermedia project e.g.the project in Belorussia (10yrs after Chernobyl), 1996 or the "Public Act" in Yangon 1998 or Fukuoka 2000.
Chu Chuyuan will present short video excerpts of The Re-membering Body, performed at The Substation's Septfest 1999, which subsequently was also performed at the Participation for an Active Community Fair at Suntec City organised by the (then-called) Working Committee, and will give a brief talk about the various influences which have contributed towards her performance work and some critical reflection of the past works.