Who We Are...
Set up in 1994, iPreciation Pte Ltd represented first generation contemporary pioneer artists from Hong Kong. Over the past few years, we have been searching for top Asian artists both locally and overseas. We are a company with a deep appreciation for art, accepting only the best and bringing only the best to our clients. Based in Singapore, we not only serve Singapore, but also the surrounding region as well as North America and Europe.

What We Do...
As the business world and art world are rapidly changing, so is iPreciation. We feel that just having regular exhibitions for our artists at our Singapore Gallery and overseas are not good enough. We therefore, have incorporated technology into providing services to our artists, private collectors, and corporate clients. Not only do we work personally with both artists and collectors, but also have added a web-based inventory system into the equation to reach our artists and collectors internationally.

First and foremost is our dedication to promoting the artists that we represent exclusively. This is done through exhibiting their works in Singapore and the region, plus presenting the works in an archive on our website. Equally important is catering to our collectors by bringing them high quality fine art by reputable artists and offering them the ability to manage their art assets with our system.

For Our Artists
The main intention of our web-based inventory system for artists is to maximize the exposure of our artists. This system was created to archive and chronicle the work of our artists, and can be used as an integral part of documenting the artist's portfolio. With this system, the problems of authentication can be avoided. The history of a piece of art is well documented, and facilitates the valuation of the piece.

For Our Collectors
Part of our website services include providing archives for our clients-Art asset management. Here clients can license our software to document their art collections.

Because this is a web-based system, corporate collectors can choose to view their collection privately within their company, or make the work public. For example, offices with branches in various countries can view other office collections, for possible exchange, rent, or trade of art. Updating the value of their collection is readily available on this system.

Maximizing the exposure of the client's collection both internally and externally is another aspect of our services. If clients want to sell their collection, make intraoffice trades, auction art, or rent out large pieces such as sculptures, we provide them with a way to do so.

These services are available to our private collectors as well.

Our Other Services
We also provide:

Art consultation services for private and corporate clients.
Authentication of our artists' artworks
Valuation of artworks
Seek secondary markets for our clients collections
Art consultation for project like hotel, office, building. We supply original artworks for main areas to print and poster with framing for rooms.