1) What is the inspiration behind your work?

Inspiration is the source of ideas that spark the creative process, and the source of energies that power the creative process. The source of ideas is the field of my daily operation: biomedical and visual science; I work as an eye doctor at the same time. I marvel at the aesthetics of the micro-cellular world, the power of pharmacology, the promise of genetics and transplantation, and the interactive possibilities of information technology. The source of energies is a burning innate hunger to express visually and creatively the interpretations and insights that I have gathered in my daily operation; I work as an artist to satiate this hunger.


2) Other than science and medicine, what are the other combinations that we may expect from you in terms of fusion with art?

I have a strong interest in information technology and finance, and I am developing an artwork that employs this combination. The workings and details cannot be revealed for then the element of surprise would be lost. I am also developing  a work that employs in combination: solar energy, automated movement, light properties, diagram molecular forms, and geographic relocations. There are many combinations I am interested in exploring artistically, but I always keenly aware that depth and variety in art-making in a niche area helps in branding and marketing the artist.


3) Other than being a personal style, what prompted you to venture into mixing art and science?     

Exploration of the applied possibilities of Science and the psycho-social impact of Science through artistic expression is both intensely involving, intellectual, and fun. Visual art-making is a convenient and accessible mode of artistic expression.  Art is the unifying ground where the science I am trained in and am practicing can be freely discussed and expressed imaginatively, where my medical and artistic professions make sense holistically, and where I feel I have an unique part to play.


4) What are some of the more pertinent messages you wish to convey with your art pieces?

My artworks either ask questions or reveal insights. In my earlier works, I demonstrated the aesthetics and metaphorical language of radiological scans and gross anatomical sections of the human body, and in my later works, I showed the beauty of micro-cellular machinery and micro-organisms. In my provocative work Biotechnoethics, I asked the viewer to reflect on bioethical issues through carefully drafted statements that are simple in construction, but profound in examination. In other works, as in Biotics and Motherboard, I construct a visual narrative on the application of scientific advances (in Biotics - the mental and physical enhancement of an individual pharmacologically, in Motherboard - the genesis of a fetus in an artificial womb), and stimulate thought on the psycho-social impact of the same scientific advances on society.


5) Are you currently in the process of planning another solo exhibition? 

Yes. I have completed works for Histox, a show comprising 2-dimensional works depicting histological and microscopic sections of micro-organisms, botanical lifeforms, and zoological creatures. My intention is to reveal the aesthetics of histological and cellular sections. Histox will be shown at Ipreciation, a regional art gallery housed in the fashionable Mohammed Sultan Road in Singapore.


6) Can you tell us something about yourself?

In many ways, life is an adventure to experience the world in all its diversity and complexity, and Art is a grand key for me to experience and to express this adventure. I am a highly idealistic person who has to learnt to be practical in my creation and display of artworks. Part of the challenge lies in overcoming constraints. I am still striving hard to improve my body of works. A recurrent suggestion is to devote all my time to art-making; but  the source of inspiration may cease  to flow naturally. Financial independence helps artistic integrity. Personal discovery, decision-making, and fortune, are three main factors that dictate the life of a person; I cannot say that I am in control of my career but I am positive and will try my best.