From: Singapore International Foundation
Subject: In Sync With The Arts (31 March 1994)
Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore

Date: 1994-03-31 00:05:50 PST

IN SYNC WITH THE ARTS (31 March 1994)

Find out what's hitting the arts scene in town.

ART - Works by Singapore artists are fetching record prices. The
new record for a Singapore painting sold here was set last Sunday
at Christie's auction. The painting - Easter Lilies by the late
pioneer artist, Georgette Chen - was sold for $74,750 to a non-
Singaporean buyer. It pipped the previous high of $73,700 paid
for Choo Keng Kwang's Chinatown which was auctioned off last
September. Judging from the two art auctions held last weekend,
works by Singapore artists would not be tagged with GST as they
are already fetching a pretty sum (pretty unbelievable sum?). We
say this to you off-the-record, of course.