IN FLUGHT @ The Substation Gallery

a photo/music exhibition curated by Wallwork Records
presented by Swilk & Styra and supported by The Substation.

Opening Dates are in 2004:
Friday, 16th January, 7:30pm
Saturday, 17th January, 6:00pm

SWILK & STYRA presents a photographic/musical rendering of

IN FLUGHT is a photo/music exhibition featuring the images of
Ginette Chittick and the music of MUON, in celebration of their
fragmentation into ourselves. Constructed out of 9 songs and a
maelstrom of images, the soundscapes set the mood and
exposition while the photographs confer an ongoing visual
re-interpretation of that mood. Each song forms the nexus of a
prescribed theme, while select photographic fragments expound
visually on that theme, used in service of evoking and recreating
a sentient object, in celebration of the disintegration and
fragmentation of the self in the post modern world.

We believe these sounds and images to be dissociated
fragments of ourselves, invested with personal trivialities such
as `energy' and `meaning'.

In fashioning the Material Basis for a general purpose
cybermorph, images will weave stochastically with soundscapes
and create visual vignettes which will provide food for the

Evoking a cybermorph makes these fragments autonomous,
and imbibes them with a sentience of their own.

Images and music will be on sale. A `condensed exhibition' in
the form of a music EP and accompanying mini photos will be
available in limited quantities.

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