The art exhibition, titled 'HOPE', is a site-specific art project that is part of the Nokia Singapore Art festival that is taking place island-wide. 'HOPE" reflects on the idea of hope for women as we enter the new millennium.

Let me introduce W.A.P. We are eight women artists working loosely as a group and have been focusing on site-specific artworks (artwork deals with issues and context specific to a particular site).

Prior to this we did a project at the old KK hospital. Sites which are related to women are chosen .

We chose to work in CHIJMES for its rich historical past as a convent and orphanage, and for its past and current social and economic context in relation to women. For this project we are inspired by the Gate of Hope of the CHIJ. Wood and fabric sculptures inspired by the motif of the gate will be installed at five locations within the CHIJMES grounds.

The exhibition begins on 15th Jan and ends on 17th February 2000. The opening is on 14th January, 2000 at 6.30pm.