PHASED WORKS     1991 2001

Functional Dynamics and Structural Aesthetics in Biological Systems by Chng Nai Wee

        Histolologics is an exhibition of 15 small works by the artist Chng Nai Wee on 3-dimensional tissue morphology and 2-dimensional cross-sectional cellular structures seen through light and electron microscopy.  Chng Nai Wee, a medical doctor by training, has been mesmerized by the functional dynamics and structural aesthetics of biological systems since he was first introduced to science. The works, some titled  -  DNA, Mitosis, Animalistic, Stump of foot, Spirochatae, Maliginancy, Bone marrow, Polypoidal division  - are clinically presented on alumnium panels.  Chng Nai Wee has engaged in an arduous scientific study of mix of various new media before gaining artistic mastery over an arsenal of proprietary paint mix with flow, viscous, plastic, and shine properties capable of expressing his vision.

         Histologics is the fourth solo-show of Chng Nai Wee. Previous shows of Chng Nai Wee include Biotechnics in 1998, Recent Works in 1994, and New Works in 1991. Chng Nai Wee is the recipient of the 1999 Young Artist Award, and the 1996 Tan Tze Chor Art Award. He attended art-related Masters program courses at Yale University for six-months in 1999. He received his undergraduate medical degrees from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and his postgraduate Masters in Medicine from National University of Singapore. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Hong Kong, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.



EARLY WORKS   1989 1993

Language Acquisition and Material Mastery in the Development of Chng Nai Wee

            Techtonics, an assembly of 8 early works by Chng Nai Wee, demonstrates the process of language acquisition and material mastery in the development of the emerging artist. These works clearly relate his attempts to infuse raw technological imagery and metallic paints in his vocabulary, to preserve the imprints of his art-making process, and to suggest a passing of time. The weight and construction of the works emphasize the strength and vitality of the artist in his youth. Techtonics is a fusion of two words: Tech - the applied advanced sciences, and Techtonics - the building of structures.

        Techtonics will be unveiled in conjunction with Histologics.