Launch party of GREEN DONKEY at foodplus (coffeeshop just opposite Substation) on 8 Sept(sat), 7pm onwards.


GREEN DONKEY is not an Art magazine.

It's more like a mobile noticeboard. Like a noticeboard at home/office where one can pin his/her stuff on it to get things known to others or as a form of reminder to oneself. For Artists, Writers, Designers, Art Lovers, Art Students and Art Groups to put their stuff on it and also to display their creativity.

It is also a free alternative space for Artists/Art Students to showcase their Art and provide publicity for them.

It also poses a challenge for them to deal with a A5 size space and this helps to create different possibilities out of the limitation.

 It is also an encouragement to both young and senior Artists to share their experiences and provide information on Artist Residency programs, local/overseas Art events and Art commission projects that they had been through.