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Artist CHNG Nai Wee's latest installation: Moleculux - Luminescent Bodies in Hyperspace


Local artist CHNG Nai Wee's latest solo exhibition - his 4th - is an installation in which he combines his talents in three areas - technology, medicine and art - to express the symbiotic relationship between the three groups. 


  That CHNG is able to provide creative form to these three different content areas shows his deep understanding of the effect of technology on man and his environment.


  To know how that has come about, we need to delve into the artist's background - he is an eye surgeon, and as an eye surgeon here he has within his reach the latest in medical gadgets that technology can provide.


  CHNG's awards bear testimony to his extraordinary talent - Young Artist Award (1999), Dr Tan Tze Chor Art Award (1995), and the Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards (Honorable Mentions, 1994). He was also the youngest artist to stage a solo show at Singapore's National Museum in 1991 when he was only 21 years old.


  But that alone does not make him into the artist he is today. To know more about what makes him tick, we need to explore his installation art. And an opportunity exists from 1 Apr - 31 May 2002 when this latest work of his, Moleculux - Luminescent Bodies in Hyperspace, goes on display at the exterior of Sculpture Square at 155 Middle Road, Singapore.


  Explore by day, and then by night (when the lights are turned on), the multi-coloured industrial-quality light cables encased in translucent plastic and suspended from different points at Sculpture Square's exterior site. 


  Admission is free. The exhibition is supported by Sculpture Square Limited and the National Arts Council. Sculpture Square – a non-profit, independent arts organisation – is Singapore’s only art space dedicated to sculpture and other contemporary 3-dimensional arts. It is their  mission to be a viable hub where contemporary art can be viewed, critically evaluated, promoted and presented to the public.