Lee Wen (Singapore)
Lee Wen has been working primarily in the Singapore local contemporary art scene as well as participating in various international art events since 1989. His works comprises paintings, mixed media performances and installation art. His early drawings and paintings were expressionistic and deliberately raw and unpolished. Associated with The Artist Village activities since 1989, he later forged a more individuated artistic career. Lee is most popularly associated with his yellow man persona in a series of work Journey of a Yellow Man wandering into different environments, countries and testing shifting contexts. Lee often exposes and questions the ideologies and value systems of individuals as well as social structures, through art and hopes to do the same through his writing. He is an Associate Artist with The Substation and an honorary member of The Artists Village. Since 2000, he has been participating with Black Market International.

Lin Kai Lie (Singapore)
Lin Kai Lie has been practicing sculpture since 1995 and installation art, video art and performance art since 1998. In 2002, he was awarded a study grant from Lee Foundation and education bursary from National Arts Council, and graduated from the LaSale-SIA College of the Arts ( Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) Bachelor of Arts where he majored in Sculpture. Lin Kai Lie has worked in various countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Germany and United Kingdom. His works are created as a social commentary and creative response to urban pluralistic society. To him as an artist, Art-making is a tool for better understanding of the environment where he lives in and an exploration of life and social human conditions. He is currently an active committee member of The Artists Village and Sculpture Society, Singapore.

Dennis Tan (Singapore)
Dennis is an interdisciplinary artist who is trained in Fine Art in Singapore and Architecture in Tasmania, Australia. He is back since 2002 and is currently working on a series on assemblage/bricolage/folly, which he modifies, re-assembles or arranges ‘readymade’ into follies as art. He approaches his works by adopting the behavior and psychic of a bricoleur in a ‘make-do’ situation. The works examine the rituals/habits and the relation with the material culture within specific habitat. He sketches the ideas while allowing it to morph or collapse as possibilities in life-like situation.

Lynn Lu (Singapore)
The specific rearrangement / recontextualization of familiar elements for the purpose of creating a discourse around specific issues is the basis of Lynn Lu's exploration. Lynn Lu has worked and exhibited / performed in the United States, France, Japan and Singapore since 1995. She is currently a Ph.D. research student at the Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music.

Juliana Yasin (Singapore)
Yasin is a visual and performance artist whom has continually exhibited and performed solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally since 1989. She is an active member of The Artists Village, Plastique Kinetic Worms and A.P.A.D (Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya - Association Of Artists Of Various Resources). In most of the events, Yasin has collaborated with local and international artists. Fusion Strength 2003, Indonesia; Kampong 2000, Singapore, Asiatopia, Thailand and CP open Biennale, Indonesia in 2003 are a sample of venues/platforms that Yasin has used to integrate her strong viable art practice in current times.

Jeremy Hiah (Singapore)
Jeremy Hiah has been involved in the arts since 1993. After graduating with a Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Degree, he started doing paintings, installation and sculpture. His works questions social systems and the individual’s place in society. Hiah’s practice as an artist employs art as an exploration into different media such as installation, performance and collaborations with artists from different fields. From 1997 to 2000, Hiah’s experience in working in foreign countries has made him more aware of the importance of working inside Singapore. Coming back to Singapore after such foreign endeavors has reassured him of the various possibilities and uniqueness of art making within the context of contemporary culture in Singapore. His interests includes observing how this country will develop into the future with its history arising from immigrant cultures and attempting to build a new society with utopian ideals.

Andrée Weschler (Singapore)
Weschler’s work is essentially sociological. She is interested in pudeur a French word that does not exist in English, but is close to the meaning of modesty, i.e. being ashamed and shy about your own body. Weschler have studied the notion of a cleaned, purified body according to the norms of a glabrous body. The body is treated as a wax that is shaped, modeled and molded into a social form. Weschler’s work turned into a new direction with the installation of the Sexual Landscape, when she covered public places in cities with Pubic Hair such as a ramp going down to the underground as well as door handles in a gallery. Weschler works in mixed media, which consists of Drawings-Videos-Photos-Sound-Installation-Performance

Jason Lim (Singapore)
Jason Lim attempts to bridge the boundary of audience and performer, giver and receiver of meanings, the exotic and the banal, sensual and erotic, the private and public and other opposites that creates tension within the boundaries of our social and political realm. The bridging/blurring of these boundaries is created through audience provocation and interaction. Lim aims at opening closed windows and forgotten doors hidden in the back of our head through direct provocation and interaction. Through interaction, Lim intends to communicate, respond and exchange ideas in all positive and negative ways.


Moderator : Lee wen director of FOI#2

Forum Speakers
Ray Langenbach (Malaysia)

Alfian Sa’at (Singapore)
Sa’at is one of Singapore’s most well recognized and award winning writer, playwright, theater practitioner and poet.

Ho Tzu Nyen (Singapore)
Ho is a painter, filmmaker, and writer who is currently completing his MA in the Southeast Asian Studies Program at the National University of Singapore. He is also known to have written extensively on Singapore’s recent contemporary art and exhibiting regularly.

Cheo Chai Hiang (Singapore)
Cheo is a practicing artist. He graduated from the Royal College of Art before becoming a Rome Scholar at the British School at Rome, Italy. He was a senior lecturer at the School of Contemporary Arts, University of Western Sydney. He is currently working on a book project with the Contemporary Asian Arts Center, Singapore.

International Artists

Marilyn Arsem (U.S.A.)
In Arsem’s recent work, she has focused on designing site-specific events for audiences of a single person, allowing her to explore the unique properties of live performance: the possibility of direct interaction between performer and audience; the opportunity to engage the audience's full range of senses including taste, touch and smell; and addressing the implications of the temporal nature of the live event, which can be retained only in memory. The performances often hover at the edge of visibility, creating an experience in which the viewer must stretch her or his perceptual capacities to their furthest limits.

Padungsak Kotchasumrong (Toi) (Thailand)
Kotchasumrong teaches art in Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Fine Arts. Padungsak is also a board member of MAP Foundation (Migrant Assistants Projects), a member of the working committee of Asiatopia and Studio Xang Chiang Mai (Art Project for Children). He also works in paintings, installation, and has begun performance art since 1993 in Chiang Mai. His performance responds to the issues of freedom and human rights, especially violations against migrant, war refugees, and discrimination against certain groups of people. He has performed in Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Hong Kong, England, Finland, Canada, Korea and Philippines.

Alastair Maclennan (UK / Northern Ireland)
MacLennan is a professor of fine arts at the University of Ulster, Belfast. He has participated in the Northern Ireland pavilion in Venice Biennale. In both live and installation aspects of what MacLennan has called “actuations”, there is a simultaneous giving to and taking from. Neither feature is only active or passive. There is a mutual filling up and emptying out of each. With regard to 'self' this functions mentally and physically. One remains essentially empty at center and edge. An overriding theme in MacLennan’s 'lived through' installations of the past 25 + years has been absent and presence.

Ray Langenbach (Malaysia)
Langenbach’s main works focus on cognitive phenomena and propaganda. He often presents his performances as lectures that reflects back on a particular period of cognitive science, that has ramifications for the field of performance art. Langenbach also teaches in Kuala Lumpur and works in new media, installations and videos and has presented his works in film festivals, museums and theatre productions. He also frequently writes and curates. He was the Co-Convenor of the Performance Studies International conference, Perform: State: Interrogate: in June 2004 Singapore.

Irma Optimist (Finland)
This Finn Pythagorean of performance realizes a complex interaction with the audience. Under the shape of an optimistic feminine chaos, Optimist uses math in her actions and deals with fields usually ruled by men with a great sense of humor. Her performances are scenes of small disasters where the sci-fi of power and knowledge vanished behind the doubts of human kind. Optimist is also the director of AMORPH, a performance festival that will take place in Finland during the month of September. Irma Optimist is also the alter-ego persona of a professor in mathematics.

Julie Andrée T. (Canada)
Born in 1973 in Quebec, lives in Montreal. She is among this rising generation that wants to live the artistic experiences, at the time and at the place where she or he stirs, meanwhile affirming the responsibility of action in the time-shared with the public. Perceptive and sensitive to social and political currents with explicit body responses, Julie Andrée T. scratches taboos and confronts the problematical. Her works includes multi-media installations and collaborations with other disciplines such as dance and film. Currently based in Montreal, she has performed both nationally and internationally, on a solo basis and with the famous Black Market International of which she is a member.

Sakiko Yamaoka (Japan)
The basis of performance art has more troublesome element in comparison with other genre art. If we make a performance art without paying attention to such characteristic, even though we do in deep conceptual work, the result come to farce. Then I want to put a question the reason why performance art come to farce mostly. We have neglected this situation in the history of art. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean they are excellent.

Alwin Reamillo (The Phillipines/Australia)
Reamillo is an installation artist who incorporate performative elements/ processes in his installation. In FOI 2, Reamillo will present a 40 minutes polyphonic combination of spoken (tagalog-english-singlish) and recorded words (english-tagalog-waray), sounds (chicken), video projections of photographs, presentation of sentimentally-valued objects, gestures and movement about the passage of time. The performance will be staged as a pseudo-autobiographical recounting of memories of arnulfo tikb-ang on his 40th birthday on 25/11/2004.

Yuan Moro O’campo (The Philippines)
Yuan Mor’O visual and performance artist based in Manila. He established PIPAF (the Philippine International Performance Art Festival) in 1999 the same year he directed Gampanan 99, the 1st PIPAF in Manila. In 2002, Mor’O directed Saluhan 02, the 2nd PIPAF and consequently, LAKARAN 03, the 3rd PIPAF in 2003. Mor’O has been invited to do his solo performance art pieces in Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Denmark, South Korea, Thailand, China and Singapore. At present, Mor’O is the Artistic Director of the Philippine International Performance Art Festival and the Executive Director of Platform for Asian Performance Artist - Philippines.

Iwan Wijono