Fusion Strength

Artist Talk on the 13th of May at 7pm at Plastique Kinetic Worms

Speakers: Gunalan Nadarajan, Adeline Kueh, Margaret Tan, Susie Lingham, Lee Weng Choy, John Low

M Margaret and Adeline - speakers for Fusion Strength - have asked what themes or topics are are hoping to drawn out and taken through the talks. The rest of the speakers may like also to choose from these topics or themes. A list of themes and topics (which have been discussed with the rest of the artists from Fusion Strength) is:

1. Democratization of interactive installation art
> Installation versus public/private
> division from private/public space

2. The meaning of intervention
> Who claims authority?
> Interpretation
> Methods
> Conflicts in/of intervention

3. Performance art as an installation strategy

A few writers will be present for the talk and they will cover Fusion Strength for Arts Magazine, the-yard and PKW's book/magazine 'VEHICLE'. The writers are Susie Wong, Wong Chee Meng, Wilkie Tan and Slyvia Goh. Coffee, tea, juice, mineral water and some kueh will be served during the talk.:)