Fusion Strength 2003


The Artists Village is proud to announce the opening of Fusion Strength 2003 - A Performance & Installation Project by Singaporean and Indonesian artists.

VENUE: Benda Art Space, Yogjakarta, Indonesia
DATE: 20 January 20 February 2003
Singapore: Agnes Yit, Benjamin Puah, Colin Reaney, Jeremy Hiah, Josef Ng, Karee Dahl, Khairuddin Hori, Lam Hoi Lit, Lina Adam, Rizman Putra, Tang Da Wu, Woon Tien Wei
Indonesia: Arahmaiani, Arya Pandjalu, Geber Modus Operandi, Handiwirman, Iwan Wijono, Jompet, Marzuki, Perek, Regina Bimadona, S. Teddy D.
FS03 will involve the participation of twelve artists from Singapore and twelve artists from Indonesia. FS 03 aims to create collaboration by artists through art practices from Yogjakarta and Singapore, encouraging an exchange of experience of the respective cultures these two cities identify with.

The Yogjakarta audience/space/experience - the duration of the project is one month, 20th January 2003 to 20th of February 2003 - one month of creativity, and creation - one month where the public will be able to see artists at work, artists working together, artists creating, using local materials and local input. The project stimulates a certain degree of actual exchange and interaction with the audience, many of the works or elements of the collaboration that will be translated into installations and performances will be dispersed to the people of Yogjakarta through this process of collaboration and interaction. Its a unique concept and a good opportunity to showcase worldwide the vitality of Yogjakarta as a city and province and Singapore as a city and state.

FS or Fusion Strength was first presented at Plastique Kinetic Worms in 2001. It was a performance and installation group exhibition involving artists practising in Singapore. The concept of the exhibition involves collaboration in the art making process and intervention of artworks by all the artists. The huge success and overwhelming response from the exhibition has encouraged the decision to develop FS as a platform or strategy for collaborations between local, regional and international artists. Fusion Strength will be developed as an ongoing travelling project under the umbrella of 'The Artists Village' encouraging exchanges and collaborations between artists and artists, and between the arts and wider society.

International collaboration and exposure is crucial to the development of the arts in Singapore and Indonesia. The participation of all the artists in this event will be a valuable opportunity to expose many aspects of contemporary art from both Singapore and Indonesia. Furthermore FS03 will be an important event for the art practices of the artists participating. Strategically locating FS03 in Yogjakarta engages the project's concept 'collaborative art practice' to incorporate a sub-text or new context 'with cultural differences'. The collaboration between the local artists and visiting artists being the key to this experience. It hopes that the outcome of this ongoing project will prove to be very valuable and useful in expanding the relationship between two countries through cultural understanding and exchange. It also hopes to explore different levels of communication in contemporary art practice.

Curated by Juliana Yasin (Singapore) and Co-curated by Titarubi (Indonesia).

The curators of FS03; Juliana Yasin and Titarubi wish to thank Satya Brahmantya, Sujud Dartanto, Midori Hirota from Benda Art Space, The Singapore International Foundation, The Artists Village, LIP and all participating artists and volunteers in FS03 for their huge support in seeing this project through in Yogjakarta.

Supported by Benda Art Space, LIP, Singapore International Foundation and The Artists Village.

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