Women and Art

The Friday Event on 10 March 2000

The last session in the series looks at the position of woman artists in Singapore today. Is gender of the artist significant in their art-making? How useful are labels like "feminist art", "woman's art" or " woman issues" in the understanding and appraisal of artwork? How are "women/woman" issues perceived and presented by male artists? Do they differ from those of their female counterpart?


Jasmine Ng - Film editor
Jasmine Ng works as a film editor at Video Headquarters. She co-produced Moveable Feast which won the Best Short Film award at the 1996 Singapore International Film Festival and edited the movie Twelve Storeys.

Amanda Heng - Artmaker/Cultural Worker
A full-time practising artist, Amanda Heng works in multi-media installation and performance art. Her recent exhibitions were at the Womanifesto II in Bangkok, the first Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, the Rand Festival in Austria and the third Asia-Pacific Triennale in Brisbane, Australia.

Kok Heng Leun - Artistic director
Koh Heng Leun is a bilingual theatre director with over 30 plays in his repertoire which includes Mr Beng ¢XV the Musical, Sour Relationship, Galileo, I Feel the Earth (co-directed with Alvin Tan) and Three Years in the Life and Death of Land. He also writes plays and is currently Artistic Director of the Drama Box.

Susie Lingham - Artist/Writer
An artist and writer, Susie Lingham adopts an interdisciplinary approach to her art practice. She has recently returned from completing art studies in Australia.

Moderator : Constance Singam -Lecturer/activist
Apart from her teaching commitments , Constance Singham is an avid activist, having served formerly as President of Aware and recently in several committees like the The Working Committee and the Education committee at Aware. She also writes and is currently working on a book on Singapore women to be published in the Millenium.

Venue : The Substation Classroom
Time : 7.30 to 9.30pm
The Friday Event has been kindly supported by the Lee Foundation, the NAC and the Substation.

It is organized by Amanda Heng, Shirley Soh, Luanne Tay and Felicia Low