Fine Art dates Street Art

20 January – 20 February 2006
on show at Warong M Nasir
69 Killiney Rd



Canvases, oils, aerosol sprays, markers and acrylics
flirted for two days when contemporary artist Khai
Hori collaborated with street artists Zero, Lil Pink
Devil & The Killer Gerbil.

forplay is the first of 12 fine art presentations in
collaboration with Warong M Nasir, a renowned Padang
(Indonesian) eatery by infant contemporary art
initiative Wunderspaze. In addition, Wunderspaze whose
vision is to facilitate a platform for experimentation
in contemporary art practice and development of young
artists and curators living and working in Southeast
Asia, recently embarked on a yearlong independent
mentorship project between Khai with Zero, Lil Pink
Devil and The Killer Gerbil.

Extracted from popular local street art credence
Artvsts, Zero, Lil Pink Devil and The Killer Gerbil
although young, are not without commendable personal
credits. A brief illustration of their profiles sounds
like this; The Killer Gerbil recently garnered the
2005 Motorola Street Style Street’s Choice Award for
visual arts and has been featured as far out as
Germany, Italy and USA. Zero currently has his work on
show in Love@Fiction at the Museum of Contemporary
Art, Shanghai and Lil Pink Devil has had his works
featured in Australia, Switzerland, UK and the USA. On
top of it, Khai Hori who is soon completing his
postgraduate studies at LaSalle-SIA College of the
Arts, has curated numerous contemporary art projects
in Bangkok, Indonesia and here in Singapore, with
several commissioned projects for the Singapore Art
Museum, Esplanade, The Arts House and The Substation
amongst others.