Proposal for the 4th Gwanju Biennale, Korea

By Plastique Kinetic Worms

29 March – 29 June 2002


Project: FLAG

Project conceived by Vincent Leow


"Dear Artists & Friends,

Flag Project created by Plastique Kinetic Worms has its very own email address.

We would like to invite you to participate in this project as part of Gwangju Biennale by sending in your design for the Flag Project 2002 a the Gwangju Biennale opening on 29 March 2002.


Please send in your design to this address and we will do the rest !


For more information, please contact us or contact Plastique Kinetic Worms at 6292 7783.

Concept & Rational


In the midst of the world globalization, living in a culturally homogenized and diverse multi racial and multi national society, often leads us to question the issue of one’s identity. To take Plastique Kinetic Worms as an example, the group consists of artists from a diversity of races, backgrounds and nationalities that has collectively come together to promote contemporary art. Through diversity, we share a range of cross-cultural activities that reflects the ethnical implications of the artist’s identity. And this diversity of a multi racial and multi national society can serve to exemplify the issue of identity through an exhibition that invites the artists to create a flag.


A flag is an oblong piece of cloth bearing a distinctive iconic design usually used as an emblem that represents nationality. It is often also used to visually identify with a nation or an institution. The creation of a flag by artists is to exemplify the issues of identity in the multi racial and multi national society that are communicative and representative of their concerns.


This exhibition of flags created by artists aims to present their gestures of their confrontation of issues that delve into the fields of the social, political, cultural and historical differences. That this flags is representative of the artists concerns of identity and rationale. In this initial exhibition of Flags, participating artists will create an installation using flags to address issues of identity in this globally homogeneous society.


This exhibition is conceived to explore the aesthetic possibilities of art making and practice that is also attentive to exhibition logistics to help raise the potential for this project to travel overseas and to gain greater networking and exposure for artists with other countries.


Proposed Artists and Works

This exhibition consists of members of Plastique Kinetic Worms and artists that have worked with us in the past. All flags should be created in consideration that it could be viewed both side on a 900 x1200 mm fabric. should resemble the qualities of flags. In the recreated space at Gwangju the gallery space will be set up as like a tailor studio where two seamstress will be employed creating the editions of flags design by the artist. As the flags are created it will be install around the gallery and premises of the space of Plastique Kinetic Worms recreated at the Gwangju Biennale.


Proposed Installation


Approximately 20 flags will be created by the artists and brought over to Gwangju. The gallery set up will consists a sewing machine, a worktable and materials needed for flags. We will require two seamstresses that will work in the gallery producing the editions of the flags. Each time a flag is made it will be installed around the venue of PKW at Gwangju. The installation will resemble a tailor shop producing flags. At the same time we would like to have a computer with inter net access and printer where artists can email in their design to Gwangju to be created at the installation. In the event of overwhelming responses the seamstresses will make decision on the selection of the flags to be made.


Materials and Support


2 nos. seamstresses

1 industrial sewing machine

1 portable personal computer with printer and inter net access

1 work table approximately 4 x 5 feet

Waterproof fabric of different colours

I technician for installation of the flags