Evolution of Kim-chiam: From Dried Lily Bud to “Rolling Red Dust” (1980-2006)

Venue: TKS Gallery
(Telok Kurau Studios)
91 Lorong J Telok Kurau, Singapore, 425985
Tel: 65 348 0535

Dates: 7 July to 16 July 2006

Time: 11am to 7pm

Opening Ceremony: 7 July 2006, 7pm

Guest of Honour: Ms Ann Wang Jing Rui , President of Lions Club of Singapore Oriental

Supported by: Lions Club of Singapore Oriental, p-10, Printmaking Society (Singapore), Sculpture Society (Singapore), The Artists Village and Very Special Arts Singapore

An exhibition of prints, sculptures, mixed-medias and installations by Chng Seok Tin, which are based on 25 years of development of her works known as “Kim-chiam Series”.

Since being awarded the Cultural Medallion in 2005, Chng Seok Tin first offered the public an opportunity to view the archives of materials related to her ideas and practices in art through the exhibition entitled “Blossoming of the Pomegranate: Documenting 30 Years of Chng Seok Tin's Art”, curated by p-10 and Koh Nguang How, from 22 October 2005 to 5 Jan 2006. (http://www.p-10.org/pomegranate/index.html)

This year Chng Seok Tin will present a major series of her artistic works which spanned a quarter of a century. This series called the “Kim-chiam Series” started from her observations of interesting effects from lights falling onto a food ingredient-the Kim-chiam (in her Hokkien dialect), which is the dried lily bud or “golden needle”, in her kitchen while studying for her advanced course in printmaking in Hornsey College of Art in UK. From photography, drawing, printmaking, sculpture to installation, she developed interesting works based on her imaginations of the kim-chiam as human figures. This exhibition will see a major installation work “Rolling Red Dust” as a finale to the series. Selected works (about 30 pieces) from the series including photography, drawing, print, mixed media and sculpture will be exhibited.

Besides the two and three dimensional works, Chng Seok Tin is inviting dancers and musicians to respond to the installation “Rolling Red Dust”- inspired by the famous poem “The Eight Winds Cannot Move Me” by poet Su Dongpo from the Song Dynasty of China.

She will also be conducting gallery talk and workshop (dates to be decided later) on printmaking with Kim-chiam and other found objects.