Meet Mocmoc

Hosted by P-10

27th January 2006
7.30 – 9pm

10 Perumal Road
Singapore 218777

Singapore Biennale Secretariat cordially invites you to Encounters 08: Meet Mocmoc, as part of Singapore Biennale 2006’s educational programme, Encounters. Come and meet the creators of Mocmoc and find out who or what Mocmoc is…

Johannes M. Hedinger and Marcus Gossolt founded the art label “Com&Com” (Commercial Communication) in 1997. Their films, art, theatrical pieces, music, books and monuments thematize the border between high art and pop culture. They parasitically occupy the communication channels of advertising and mass media to enact performances of the concepts of “original” and “counterfeit.” Com&Com’s first film C-Files: Tell Saga, a perfectly constructed trailer to a nonexistent feature film, was invited to the 2001 Venice Biennale, and their song and video clip Side by Side (2002) landed in the Swiss Top Ten. Com&Com just finished in the Californian desert their latest experimental poetic film, the road movie The Big One.

Com&Com’s work was shown in over 12 countries in over 70 exhibitions (among them the Biennials of Venice 2001, Turin 2002, Sharjah 2005 and the upcoming Singapore Biennale 2006. They had solo exhibitions at Kunsthaus Zürich 2000, Govett Brewster Gallery New Zealand 2001, Kunstwerke KW Berlin 2003 and many more.)

Com&Com lives and works primarily in the Swiss cities of Zurich and St.Gallen.

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