Memorial Lecture : Dr Ng Eng Teng


Monday, 17 Dec 2001

2pm - 3.30pm

Singapore Art Museum, Auditorium

Free Admission

Speakers : Mr John Tan

Mr Sim Tong Khern

Ms Joyce Fan

Chaired by : Ms Joanna Lee


The late Dr Ng Eng Teng was a prolific artist whose oeuvre included

monumental public works in ciment fondu, sculptures in bronze and ceramics.

One of Singapore's most eminent sculptors, he was the first Cultural

Medallion Awardee, recognised for his contributions to the local art scene.

The talks in this event will highlight some of the late artist's

contributions to Singapore art. The first speaker Joyce Fan will examine

the late artist's recurring humanistic themes found in his art. She will

trace some of the historical events which led to the creation of his

signature works. John Tan will then speak about Ng's involvement with the

ceramics group, Studio 106 which he spearheaded. Virtually every current

member of the group maintains his/her own studio and is an artist-potter in

his/her own right. This in no small measure was made possible through Ng's

personal encouragement, mentorship and guidance. The last speaker, Sim Tong

Khern was one of Ng's group of peers with whom he attended regular drawing

sessions. Sim will speak on his endeavours into life drawing (strikethrough:

s) and the importance he attached to this aspect of art marking.



John Tan was one of Dr Ng Eng Teng's earliest students and had known Ng

since 1967 upon Ng's return from his studies in England. Tan studied

ceramics under Ng at the Indiana University, Bloomington and in Japan.

Previously a Specialist Art Inspector at the Ministry of Education and an

art lecturer at the National Institute of Education, Tan is currently a

part time lecturer at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.


Sim Tong Khern was an art lecturer at the Institute of Education for 27

years. A Colombo Plan scholar, he graduated from the National Art School,

Sydney; IE London University; and University of Cincinnati, USA. He is part

of a group of artists, which included the late Ng Eng Teng and other

retired art teachers, who met regularly for life studies and drawings.

Joanna Lee is Senior Curator and Assistant Director (Collections

Development) of the Singapore Art Museum. Recent exhibitions she has worked

on as curator include Soul Ties: The Land and Her People, Art from

Indonesia (1999) and Singapore for the 49th Venice Biennale (2001).

Joyce Fan is currently Assistant Curator of the Singapore Art Museum. Her

research interest is in modern art in Singapore, in particular social

realist works of the 1950s and 1960s. She is currently working on the

historical Alpha Gallery art exhibition, and developing the museum's

collection of Vietnamese contemporary art.