Don’t Let Sleeping Androids Lie - a sixth anniversary exhibition

9 Jun 2005 to 28 Aug 2005

Don’t Let Sleeping Androids Lie, Sculpture Square's 6th Anniversary Exhibition, seeks to question the level of interactivity between spectator and art. Aiming to reduce that distanced monologue, the public is encouraged to undertake a proactive role when interacting with art, through various electronic art installations including the development of responsive environments and the head-mounted display. It resolves to take the public beyond a “point and click” paradigm of interaction, encouraging them to explore interactivity as a complex field of exchange between artist:audience, system:user, participation:interaction, body:space, power:play, and self:other.

Power is distributed between user and system and the user is given the opportunity and responsibility to create the content and final presentation of the artwork. Through receptional aesthetics and responsive environments, the distance between user and system is reduced. While reactive art tends to be monologue, interactive art purposes a dialogue between the piece and the participant; specifically, the participant has “agency”, the ability to “act upon” the piece and is furthermore invited to do so in the context of the piece.

The exhibition is part of the Singapore Arts Festival and will also feature a collaboration with Adrian Cheok of the Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore (NUS) and The Esplanade. The exhibition is Sculpture Square's major exhibition of fusing electronics and technology with art, overcoming the antagonism between computer system and human being as well as reflecting on the current and future forms of co-existence between computer system and human.

This exhibition will mark the 6th Anniversary of Sculpture Square's inauguration.