Documenta 12 Magazine: Public Forum

The Substation, Sunday, 22 January 2006
Time: 1.00pm to 5.30pm
Guinness Theatre
Admission is free

Founded in 1955, documenta is one of the world’s most significant
international exhibitions of contemporary visual art. It takes place
every five years in the German town of Kassel; for the 12th edition,
opening in 2007, the artistic director is Roger Martin Buergel. One of
its major projects is the documenta 12 magazine, which will bring
together more than 70 print and online periodicals throughout the
world. The aim is to engage these diverse artwriting initiatives, to
dialogue and discuss the main themes and theories behind documenta 12,
with an emphasis on reflecting upon specific local interests, contexts
and knowledge from around the world.

On January 22nd, Georg Schöllhammer, who heads the magazine project,
and Ruth Noack, a Curator for documenta 12, will give presentations at
The Substation. Schöllhammer and Noack are in Singapore to conduct
research about the region, and to meet with artists, curators, writers,
and editors of art magazines and publications from Southeast Asia.

Schöllhammer’s and Noack’s presentations will be followed by a panel on
“Artwriting and the Public: Perspectives from Malaysia and Singapore”,
and a discussion with several visiting art magazine editors from the
region, including: Nirwan Dewanto, Senior Editor of Kalam and General
Manager of Komunitas Utan Kayu, Indonesia; Eileen Lagaspi-Ramirez,
Managing Editor, Pananaw, the Philippines; Kathy Rowland, Director,, Malaysia; and Giang Dang, Editor, Talawas, Vietnam.

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