Dance performance - 'There's No Need To Go Outside'

Dance performance - 'There's No Need To Go Outside'



"vibrations of blood pulsing in the city

the information bomb

the stare of lucid strangers was never left unchallenged

until she kisses me.

We play in the ground cinema of an ancient union."



A dance performance exploring the conflict and struggle between individual

consciousness and a mass culture with its finger constantly on the fast

forward button.




Title:                                         'There's No Need To Go Outside'

Choreographed by:                George Chua, Indera Tasripin

Performed by:                         George Chua, Indera Tasripin

                                                Zizi Azar, Dennis Cheok


Dates:                                      9,10,11 March 2001

Location:                 Plastique Kinetic Worms

                                                199 A/B South Bridge Road

                                                Singapore 058748

Time:                                        8pm

Ticket:                                      $7/-, purchase at the door (max. to 30 audience per night)


For further information, please contact the gallery at 324 3221.







A non-linear dance performance that aims at emphasizing "bodies" in

expression and movement. The philosophy and vision in the dance is very

much attuned to the sensibilities of the Japanese Post-War dance movement

of ankuko butoh. In that, the performance is heavily impressed by butoh's

sense of stretching and pushing the physical limitations of the body.

Hence, the body is subjected to sometimes uncomfortable and unconventional

stances, extreme and dramatic expressions and extreme slowness in speed.

The dance also abides to the overriding significance of vocabularies and

contents in expression versus the opulence of form or technique. In that

sense, the performance wishes to focus on what thought, logic, instinct and

feeling the body can resonate in all it's nakedness and formlessness.


Apart from the butoh sensibilities that comes through the dance, we are

also inspired to bring into the performance other influences that we see as

primary influences in our dance. Hence, we are much more interested in

redefining what dance means for us and interpret from the myriad of

influence what is defining of our identity.


This would mean that the dance will also engage in moments which are(other

than primal) contemporary. We are heavily induced by the spontaneity that

captures such of contemporary dances such as Afro-American Hip Hop (cf.

Bill T. Jones), Lindy Hop and even the fervour of rave and club culture

among young people. We are also interested in transforming quotidian

expression into dance. Hence, gestures and expressions such as walking,

sitting, smiling and frowning become a part of an all-encompassing dance



The performance is an overall search for identity in a postmodern

environment. Combining the primal and the contemporary, the influences of

the east and the west, the vision in this dance is basically the impulse to

search, define and redefine for an identity and form.  In the process we

are hoping for an honest reflection of what and who we are in this society

that is already in the thick of globalizing itself.




The performance will be driven by the musical arrangement and composition

of George Chua. George is a maker of electronic music that aims to explore

fragmented music rhythm and odd-time signatures influenced by ideas from

the musique concrete movement (cf. John Cage).


Apart from the digital sounds, George will be incorporating compositions

with the Chinese wind-pipe instrument; the hu lu si.





The performance will also be a visual collaboration with visual artist,

Zainudin Samsuri whose works are focused at bringing out the stark and the

minimal. He will be executing the set design for the performance.