National University of Singapore University Scholars Programme in Visual and Musical Arts

Artist-in-Residence Programme

Cyberart Research Initiative


Cyberart Research Initiative invites proposals from artists interested in research-oriented production of art works that involve creative integration of the arts and new technologies.

The residency provides artists with a unique opportunity to work on thematically and technologically driven artistic projects of the Cyberarts Research Initiative. The residency facilitates research, exploration and critical production of artworks. Moreover, the multidisciplinary nature of the University Scholarsí Programme that hosts the Cyberarts Initiative provides a vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment for the critical discussion of the residentsí artistic projects. While residents spend a bulk of their time on the independent production of and research into their proposed projects, a number of seminars, panel discussions, and informal meetings will facilitate the artistsí interaction with relevant arts and research organizations as well as with the larger community.

Artistic projects are invited in the following areas of the cyberarts: