Chew Kheng Chuan

            KC Chew is not yet an artist. His interest in the arts is mostly to acquire a modicum of familiarity with this area in his capacity as a member of the Substation board, the Practice Performing Arts Centre Limited board, and the A.R.T.S. Fund committee.

            Otherwise KC is a director at Wordmaker Design Pte Ltd, a corporate and visual communications consultancy. KC's professional interest lie therefore more in design than art, but as for art, his personal interests lie in enjoying literature and the visual arts particularly in paintings and sculptures. One day he hopes to paint large canvases, and revive a talent indicated by good "A" Level results in Art.

76 Jalan Bahasa
Singapore 299299
Tel: 2555 175

Wordmaker Design Pte Ltd
9 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069690
Office phone: 325 1959 / 22 77 881