Charity Calligraphy Exhibition in aid of the Disabled People's Association

4 September 1998

Opening Ceremony: 2.00 p.m.
Exhibition dates : 4 - 8 September
Venue : Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Exhibition Hall
Guest of Honour: Mr Ho Kah Leong, Principal, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Mr Ron Chandran-Dudley, President of DPA, welcomed the coming together of artists with disabilities and institutions that provide training in the arts. He urged institutions like the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, La Salle and the National University of Singapore to continue to develop the talents of people with disabilities so that they will be able to get appropriate training and recognised qualifications.

Mr Chandran-Dudley, giving a token of appreciation to Mdm Zhang Yusu (Mrs Ellie Koh), a budding local calligrapher, who conducted the Charity Exhibition in aid of DPA. The exhibition featured 60 of her works.

Mr Ho Kah Leong, Principal of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, officiated the Opening Ceremony of the charity exhibition. In his speech, he expressed his admiration for Mrs Koh's ability in Chinese calligraphy.

Mrs Koh, showing off the works of her student, Mr Wan Tack Wei (in wheelchair), to the Guest of Honour. Mr Ho Kah Leong, unveiling one of Mrs Koh's works to symbolise the official opening of the exhibition.