Women without Borders


In the spirit of the Women Beyond borders exhibition ,

to encourage dialogue, involvement and exchange, We

have lined-up talks,forums and workshops for the

community starting from the 10th of March.


WBB as a catalyst

Saturday, 10th March 2.30 p.m.

Sculpture Square


Founder of Women Beyond Borders International,

Lorraine Serena talks about the exhibition as a

catalyst for collaboration and creative expression in

all walks of life! As well, She will share the


of the WBB project worldwide.



If you are interested in meeting Lorraine

Serena,Co-founder of Women Borders International

come join us for Square fridays our "happy hour"

evening for artists and art lovers alike on

6.45pm,16th of March,held at Sculpture Square ,mingle

over coffee and good conversation.(pls rsvp florence

at 3331055)


or alternatively,on Saturday, 17th March 1.00-2.00 pm

over Lunch.


The Artist within

Saturday, 17th March 10.30 a.m

Lorraine Serena speaks about the natural artist within

us and explores the creative impulse.



Inspirations behind the box

Saturday,17th March 2.30pm

Exhibiting artists, Ye ShuFang, Lorraine Serena, Jane

Gover,Prisca Ko share their inspirations and

experiences behind their boxes.


Forum:Feminist Consciousness in Singapore Art

Practitioners in art, visual, performing and literary,

 discuss whether there is a feminist consciousness in

the art scene in Singapore and to what extent this

consiousness is explicit in the works produced.

(over four sessions)


Saturday,21th April

10.00-12.00 noon    First Session

2.00-4.00 p.m.         Second Session


Saturday,28th April

10.00-12.00 noon  Third Session

2.00-4.00 p.m.       Fourth Session


just for kids

Children box-making workshops ($15)

Saturday, 7th April 10.30 am

Saturday,14th April 10.30 am


Introduce your children to creating paper–box

decorating fun in this workshop

(Pre-registration required.)


Art camp!

10th-17 March

Let your children get creative with our school holiday

art camp with fun-filled art activities.

(Please call for more information)(please include more

detail of line up, charissa)


For Workshops classes. Please fax form or call

Sculpture Square at 333-1055 to register. Places are



Women Beyond Borders Singapore is showing at Sculpture

Square from 8th March-13th May 2001 and will travel to

KK Women's  and Children's hospital May 21 to June



All activities will be held at Sculpture Square,155

Middle road, (opp.fortune centre).Tel:333 1055,

Fax:333 1655