15 February to
23 March 2003

Being and B e c o m i n gThe Lotus Pond Series





Chua Ek Kay is unquestionably one of Singapore's most compelling Chinese ink painters, noted for shifting the boundaries of traditional ink practice. As the first Singaporean and Asian artist invited by the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) under its Visiting Artists Programme (VAP), Chua Ek Kay has spent the last months developing a highly exciting collaboration with the leading experts in contemporary printmaking. Working with Master Printer John Hutcheson and Master Papermaker Richard Hungerford and their team, Chua has produced a remarkable portfolio of lithographs and hand-coloured pressed paper pulp works not previously attempted in the history of ink painting or printmaking in Singapore. Chua’s Being and Becoming: The Lotus Pond Series – first conceived in the late 1990s has been now re-interpreted by engaging new print and paper methodologies.Chua’s lotuses are nothing like the romantic, elegant meditations of lotus flowers so popular in genre paintings of lotuses.

Uniquely, Chua does not depict lotuses only in their fullness and lushness - he turns attention to all cycles of the lotus: in a storm or a moment of refuge; at their height and in their ebb; in luminescence as well as in desolation. For Chua, no single plane of existence eclipses another in importance, value or beauty.

Image: Chua Ek Kay "Awaiting a Dragonfly", 2002
©2002 Singapore Tyler Print Institute / Chua Ek Kay



















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STPI Lecture Series - Chua Ek Kay “Pioneering Spirit” Ink Painting, Lithography, and Art Making in the Paper Mill.
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Talk on "Chinese Ink Painting in the Xie-Yi Style" by the artist
Saturday, 15 March - 2.30pm
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Talk on "Chinese Ink Painting Now" by the artist

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