Exhibition : ASIAN POP
Venue : Art Seasons, Singapore
Date : 20 May 2004 to 26 Jun 2004
Details :

  OFFICIAL OPENING RECEPTION >> 27 May 2004, Thursday @ 7.30pm

     Zhao Bo                                          Li Xiao                               David Chan


ASIAN POP will be held at Art Seasons from 20 May - 26 June 2004. ASIAN POP represents the new generation of artists whose works are influenced by the popular culture in today's context, such as the cyber culture and MTV culture. ASIAN POP aims to present the combined societal ideals and the influences of consumerism undergone by the new generation of artists. The theme ASIAN POP will reflect the lifestyles and idealism of our young audience in Asia, in terms of relationships, alternative lifestyle, Cafe culture, brand and fashion consciousness.

A 20th century art movement, Pop Art was developed in the United States and Britain with the economic boom after World War II. As consumerism power increased, companies began advertising aggressively, entertainment such as music, films, fashion, television, comics and cyber culture became essential. Pop Art explores the everyday imagery of the contemporary consumer culture.


ASIAN POP explores this context of Pop Art, presenting some of the works by Asian artists whose works depicts the contemporary popular culture of the Asian society.


The artists featured in this exhibition are:

-                                       Thaweesak Srithongdee (Thailand)

-                                       Kiko Escora (Philippines)

-                                       Miguel Chew (Singapore)

-                                       David Chan (Singapore)

-                                       Justin Lee (Singapore)

-                                       Li Xiao (China)

-                                       Wang Jiawei (China)

-                                       Zhao Bo (China)

-                                       Melodia (Indonesia)

-                                       Bambang Pramudiyanto (Indonesia)

-                                       Nyein Chan Su (Myanmar)