Art that will Nokia off your Feet

an excerpt of the article by Arthur Sim

originally published in the Straits Times, Dec 8, 2001


Nokia Singapore Art is entirely curated this year. NAC's Ms Chua says that this will make the event "tighter".

Part of the selection criteria for all the artwork is that it should relate in some way to the theme of Histories / Identities / Technologies / Spaces set by a curatorial committee headed by the director of the Singapore Art Museum Mr Kwok Kian Chow.

Most artists, however, did not find the set theme a hindrance to their work.

"The theme really encompassed everything," says artist Chng Nai Wee.

His work, The Spirituality of Perception, is not a response to the brief set by NAC, though that sis play an instrumental part in creating his spiritual works which feature close-up photography of his dilated eyes.