Arts Education Programs
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Why Arts Education?   
The Arts Education Programme was developed to promote an appreciation of arts among young Singaporeans.

The Programme aims to stimulate students’ creativity and develop their interest in the arts.
What’s it all about?   
The Arts Education Programme (AEP) involves getting local arts groups to create and develop special performances or workshops for schools. These programmes are then assessed by a panel of arts and education experts, principals and officials from the Ministry of Education and the National Arts Council.The Programme covers the six main art forms – Dance, Film / Multimedia, Literature, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts. They are categorised into 3 types: Arts Exposure, Arts Experience and Arts Excursion.
Arts Exposure   
Art Exposure programmes introduce students to a particular art form. They are approximately 30 to 40 minutes long and are presented in the form of a performance (usually accompanied by an explaination about the backgroundand development of the art form) or a talk-cum-demostration session.  
Arts Experience   
  Arts Experience programmes go one step further by providing opportunities for students to participate in the various art forms. These programmes are most suitable for smaller groups of students. They are designed to be interactive and to help build students’ confidence, skills and expand their capacity for creative thinking.
Arts Excursion   
An environment totally different from a classroom setting would certainly increase students’ interest in learning.

Arts Excursions allow students to attend performances at formal performing venues, so they can visit museums, art centres, theatres and participate in outdoor arts events. With Arts Excursions, students’ can visit artists’ studios or rehearsal space to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the work and a chance to talk to the artists involved.
The Singapore Totalisator Board (TOTE Board) Arts Grant For Schools   
The Singapore Totalisator Board (TOTE Board) has an Arts Grants for schools which aims to stimulate students’ interest in the arts and to help Singapore artists and peforming arts groups.

The Tote Board Arts Grant provides $10,000 to all primary and secondary schools, centralised institutions, junior colleges (government, government-aided and independent schools) and ITEs.

The grant is used for the following:

Subsidise 60% (excluding GST) of the cost of programmes booked under the National Arts Council Arts Education Programme or other arts programmes endorsed by the Council.

Subsidise 60% (excluding GST) of the purchase of any number of tickets to performances staged by Singapore arts group which are endorsed by National Arts Council. The subsidy is capped at $20 per ticket.
How do schools apply for the grant?   
All institutes of Technical Education (ITEs) are also eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant. Independent schools can apply for the grant by writing to The Singapore Totalisator Board at:

1 Turf Club Avenue
Singapore Racecourse
Singapore 738078

The school will be responsible for keeping records of the use of the Arts grant. The unused balance at the end of each calendar year will be topped up to the full amount of the grant in the January of the following year. Any unused balance of the Arts Grant will not be carried forward to the following year.