Artist Collaborators *



Purpose                                   To expand his capacity to handle more challenging projects of increasing scope, size, and complexity, the principal artist aims to share his project opportunities with collaborators.


Ideal collaborator                     A pleasant, passionate, intellectually-driven, industrious student artist or nascent artist who is pursuing art-making as a career, and who wishes to gain project opportunities and in-depth experience in art-making, art documentation, and art project co-ordination by collaborating with the principal artist on projects which may originate from either party.


Tasks                                      Collaborator in project conception, art-making, art installation, digital media representation, prototypal modeling, art documentation writing and layout, grant writing, project co-ordination.


Domains explored                   Offline and online New Media Arts / CyberArts / Information Arts practice in the diverse domains of Medicine, Biotechnology, Vision Science, Information Technology, Cyberspace, Architecture, Finance, Robotics, Cosmology, Sociology and Ethics.               


Recognition model                   The artist grants second name recognition for projects conceived, organized, or secured by the principal artist; in exchange for meaningful contribution by the student or nascent artist to the work. Should the project originate primarily from the collaborator, and is primarily undertaken by the collaborator, the collaborator shall gain first name recognition. The principal artist reserves the final right of foregoing recognition of the collaborator in principal-initiated artist projects, and of himself in collaborator-initiated projects. This collaborator recognition model is a well established model in the scientific community, and the principal artist seeks to adapt a similar model in Art.


Collaborative skills needed      Artistic vision

Awareness of current directions in visual arts investigation

Multi-media skills such as the ability to use Dreamweaver and Flash

                                                Computer-aided Design drafting skills such as the ability to use AutoCAD

                                                Information technology and practical electronic engineering skills

Strong command of the English language, endowing the ability to write proposals, grants, and articles

Ability to perform independent academic research on subjects of artistic inquiry

Ability to use PageMaker or equivalent software to layout materials for printing

Ability to construct models for analysis and presentation

Competent drawing, drafting, and design skills


Collaborative hours                 Weekly on a flexible schedule


Work premises:                       Artist’s home studio and collaborator’s premises and online communication


Current Art-making projects:   Like or Not?                                                             @Esplanade

                                                Innards – Body Ventures in a Natural World          @Biopolis

                                                Spectacle                                                                @Esplanade               and online

                                                Market Forces                                                         @Raffles Place, SAM and online

                                                Opera                                                                      @SAM

                                                Woods and Cacophony                                          @Ipreciation

                                                Drawing Show                                                        @Ipreciation

                                                Sculpture Commission                                             @Florida, USA


Documentation projects:         BioArts Information                                                                


                                                Singapore Art                                                



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